The year 2020 was a nightmare for most of us. However, one positive thing it brought us was the expansion in the home-based business opportunities. Technology has made starting your own home-based business easy, affordable and possible.

With remote working getting more common, people are realising that they have the ability and resources to do their work from home. All you net to start a business online is a computer, a phone and an internet connection. Here are some of the home business ideas to pursue this year. 4 Startup Ideas That Housewives and Moms at Home Can Consider and Earn a Good Amount.


If you are passionate and knowledgeable about a specific subject (marketing, social media, leadership, communication, human resources, etc), starting a consulting business can be a lucrative option. You can start consulting business in the comfort of your home and if it grows you can hire other consultants over time. National Startup Awards 2021: A Great Opportunity for Young Entrepreneurs to get Recognition & Why Should you apply?

Service-based online business

The service-based business allows you the freedom to use your skills and earn a profit. At you good at copywriting? You can start crafting marketing copy for other businesses. Do you have professional video editing skills? Launching a business helping people with video editing. You can sell and provide services completely online.

Turn craftiness into cash

If you are good at sewing, painting, jewellery making, or some other craft, there is a huge market for handmade products. You can be looking into selling your creations and running your business online from home.