If you believe in working hard and with the correct process, then a business is an occupation that can help you to earn. At current times India is one of the leading commercial and economic hubs for many international ventures coming to the country with various franchise opportunities.

These franchises not only benefit the brand to increase its footprints but also plays a vital role in the country's economic development with more job opening. It is one of the factors why people are aiming to franchise business in India.

One of the biggest myths among business owners have opened a franchise in India will cost you a lot. But, that's not true one doesn’t need a lot of funds to start a franchise business. A lot of people search for business ideas for but they doubt the success rate but, in the franchise business, the risk factor is less as in this, you get well - established brand business model.

Now, it’s time enlighten about some of the best franchise businesses in India.


Patanjali started in 2006, founded by Baba Ramdev, along with Acharya Balkishan. It is known as one of the trusted and popular Indian brands with exceeding revenue of 200 crores. The product line of the company is herbal and Ayurvedic items.

This brand has become one of the most value-added products in the FMCG market. For the franchise, you only need a minimum area space of 500Sq Ft and a minimum investment of 7 lakhs. In return, you can earn a great amount of money from it, as it became a reliable and economical brand.


Who doesn't know the name of this brand? The brand has a network of 500 national and international outlets, as its popular brand that is well known for selling greeting cards, personalized gifts, artwork, and many more such things. Therefore, starting an Archies store can be a profitable business for you as it does not require a lot of staff to work for you.

Therefore, if you have an interest in the arts and are creative, then it can be a great franchise business for you.

KidZee School 

KidZee is one of the popular and fastest-growing franchise businesses in the education sector. It is one of the largest pre-school chains in Asia, which concludes more than 1900 centres opened in over 700 cities in India.

For opening a franchise of it, you need to have a minimum floor space of 2000-3000 sq. ft. This brand is listed in the top 100 franchise opportunities in 2015 as well and awarded as a leading pre -school brand of the year 2018.


One of the trusted and oldest brands is Amul. Its milk or ice cream, we look forward to one brand that is Amul. It is one of those brands which, growing - rapidly in our country, thanks to their best innovation and marketing strategies, they always stand out.

For the franchise, you will require at least 300 sq. Ft feet plot at a good location with an investment of a minimum of 2 to 5 lakh.

DTDC Courier Franchise 

One of the essential commodities is courier service in which everyone would need at a certain point. DTDC is one of the reliable and trusted by most people across the country. It is another fastest-growing industry, and the growth rate is high than normal.

Additionally, the best aspect of taking this franchise is you don't need a make a huge investment. A small area of 10*10 will be enough.

Starting a franchise business is one great idea to consider in the current marketing trend. One of the best things you don't need to start from scratch, the parent company provides the service in which they do the marketing of the business.