Mumbai, December 24: 2020 was an extremely difficult year for most sectors due to the lockdown amid the coronavirus outbreak. However, towards the latter end of the year, green shoots of recovery were seen as the economy started to open up.

So far, the festivals have been lacklustre in India because of several other factors, including people not willing to spend on unnecessary things. However, the sentiment has picked up and there is a momentum in sales as we approach the year-end.

If you have an online business or a store, then you can offer some discounts to entice your customers for Christmas and New Year. However, promotions and discounts should be given in such a manner, so that they don't eat up the profit margin and help you in increasing sales.

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Define your objective: 

Before you start any promotional offer, you should define the objective. What is the purpose of running this sales offer? Is it to get new customers or target the existing customers? Is it to increase sales or hook them to your brand. Be clear in your head with these answers.

Should have a fixed timeline:

Sales, discounts and any offers should be there for only a limited time period. The promotion of your brand should clearly mention the start time and the end time.

Market well:

If you are running a sale and your customers are not only aware of it, then the entire purpose fails. Therefore, make sure to advertise your promotional offers, incentives properly. Promote the news of your sales on social media. Spend money to run promotional campaigns and target audience based on your location and TG.

Track Your Results:

After any campaign, it is very important to track your results. This will help you to understand your customer behaviour, which segments are responding better to your campaigns or which type of campaigns are more effective. You need to study the results and this will help you to run your next campaign

We hope that these tips will come in handy for your business and you run successful marketing campaigns.