Summary: The stock market offers ample opportunities for wealth creation. But is it easy for beginners? Find out 5 common mistakes that first-timers should avoid while picking stocks.

Invest in the stock market----this was the millionth time Rahul heard this suggestion from his friend Sridhar when he asked about wealth creation. Trading, mutual funds, long day, short day, intra-day, and many other terms were thrown at him by Sridhar that amazed Rahul.

Rahul asked Sridhar how to invest in stocks and his dear friend asked him to open a Demat account. And as eager as he was Rahul begins his trading journey by investing in cheaper stocks without doing fundamental analysis.

Result? He lost INR 5000 in 2 days. Though Sridhar showed a great way to wealth creation, he should have told Rahul to avoid making hasty decisions. Investing in the stock market can be tricky, especially for amateurs. And for a new investor, it can be an alluring place.

For those who are new to this world, it might seem like gambling where people make and lose fortunes. But with the right approach and fundamental analysis of stocks, one can create wealth. The investment process has become hassle-free these days.

However, even with the fundamental knowledge of stocks, you can make these 5 mistakes as a first-time investor:

1. Not Understanding the Fundamentals of Stock Market

Ignoring the basic facts about the stock market can result in you losing your hard-earned money. Understanding concepts like ‘Going Long’, Going Short’, ask price, bid price, bid quantity, offer quantity, and stock price changes, PE ratio, PB ratio, dividend yield, a margin of safety, and many other factors.

To know everything about Share Market from the scratch, watch here:

2. To Not Have a Proper Investment Plan

Before you start investing, as a new investor you must have a proper investment plan. Being an amateur every stock and share will look promising. This can often make you lose direction by unplanned investments. Hence, it is very essential to understand your objectives and your financial goals. The investment objective is not subjective and every investor has their own financial goals.

3. Unaware About Risk Factors

The Share market is full of risks. So another mistake that first-time investors often make is that they do not decide how much they are willing to take risks. Investors who have a low-risk appetite may consider investing in stocks that have a low-risk appetite that provides stable returns and is less impacted by market volatility.

4. Wrong Risk Assessment

The stock market is exposed to high market volatility. So while trading online for the first time, it is best to strike a balance between unnecessary risk-taking and calculative risks. Sometimes beginners fail to know the margins they are willing to push while taking risks. Hence, understanding your risk-taking ability is of paramount importance.

5. Not Making a Diverse Portfolio

Many investors who trade online often fail to diversify their investments. They often fail to understand that investing in a single company or investing in only a single type of investment is never a profitable idea. A market crash or a single negative market movement can result in huge financial losses.

An ideal portfolio must comprise of stocks from different companies, along with investment in futures and derivatives.

Talking about money and growing it by investing in multiple stocks and companies may seem daunting at first. But with in-depth research and fundamental analysis of each stock before purchasing can give high returns.

So whether you are a beginner who has set goals and wants to invest in stocks to fulfill them or a professional who is aware of all the ups and downs of the market, if you don`t do enough research, you will end up raking in losses. The above-mentioned mistakes are probably common because often people ignore the basics. Keep these factors in your mind and be a smart investor.

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