Running a business needs discipline, ground rules, and working as a family towards a common goal. Find out how you can blend a few parenting skills with your business.

Whether it is a large organization or a small company, every business owner considers his company as a "family." Starting a business is very similar to having a baby. Just like a baby needs continuous love, affection, and proper diet on time, a company too needs every department to work in sync.

Successful leaders and business owners do not shy away from applying the art of parenting to good business practices. Here are five parenting strategies in business that can help you to become a better entrepreneur:

1. Ensure Rules Across the Organization

The best possible way to achieve your goals is through discipline. Ask any parent and they will swear by having rules. Enforcing essential rules is essential for business growth. It is very important to clearly outline behavioural expectations in communication. It is also important to ensure that employees clearly understand them.

Just like family members remind each other what is acceptable and what is not, give your employees a space where they can remind each other of the rules. Make sure that everyone understands the consequences of breaking the rules.

2. Focus on Values

Creating values in a company is no different than creating a positive environment in a family. Parents often try to model behaviour for their children because kids tend to adopt what they see. The owner of a business should use this approach of parenting to teach their employees some core values.

The application of the art of parenting in business also means encouraging good behaviour of the employees and discouraging negative behaviour of those in the team. When you see it happening in your team or your organization, call out the offending employee(s). Have an open discussion and send out clear messages about how employees are expected to treat each other.

3. Multitasking

Being an entrepreneur is more or less similar to being a parent. Just like parents have to play multiple roles for their kids at different times, entrepreneurs have to don multiple hats. Sometimes they have to be a salesperson, an accountant, or an assistant while taking care of business operations.

4. Keep Calm & Maintain Composure

One of the most important traits of parenting strategies in business is to keep your cool no matter the situation. Being a parent means taking care of the different requirements of children, which also includes their emotional needs. Children who are growing every day and getting exposed to new things frequently also experience mood swings, to which parents have to cater without losing their calm.

Similarly, building a startup from scratch is not an easy task. There are multiple things to be taken care of and various challenges that an entrepreneur may encounter. Keeping your patience and calm is the key to thinking about out-of-the-box solutions to overcome those challenges.

5. Always Be Fair

Changing rules without making people aware who will be impacted directly can create a chaotic environment in a family. Similarly, employees perform best when they feel appreciated. Each employee should feel that he/she is being treated fairly and nobody is getting preferential treatment. Ensure that you apply consequences even-handedly when a rule is broken, no matter who they are.

Every startup company is like a small kid. You need to constantly work your socks off for its growth and sustainability. So why not implement these parenting strategies in business?

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