Whether it’s a rush of rustling leaves, or the cold days and nights during winters, kites flying competition in August, or nights bedazzled by bustling crackers, seasonal businesses are often faced with the challenge of generating a recurring revenue stream throughout the year.

But, if you can think beyond the obvious, you might find multiple ways to keep the cash coming in all year round. How? With your creative thinking!

To save your business from becoming cash-strapped during the off-season, you will have to think above the ordinary, learn more about your customers, and test new ideas—even if they are a little unconventional.

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Here are five ways that might look simple but are super impactful when it comes to boosting your business even during the off-season:

1. Extend Your Season

One of the biggest mistakes by small startup businesses offering seasonal products generally make is that they start selling their products or services only when their season kicks off. Kicking off your marketing earlier can broaden your selling season and will generate revenue.

Another thing that business owners should never do is to hold sales and promotions immediately after the season is closed. Selling your products even after the season ends can make your season last longer.

2. Generate Off-season Excitement

Just because people burst crackers only in Diwali or fly kite only in August on Independence Day and in February to celebrate Makar Sankranti, doesn’t mean you can`t get your audience excited about your business.

Try to make content and play upon building the excitement about your products by providing early bird offers, off-season discounts or launch a new line of products, before the season. This will make your audience excitedly planning for the time they can take advantage of your products and services again.

3. Look for Niche Markets

Seasonal businesses can often find income supplements serving niche markets. For instance, a bakery that bakes birthday and anniversary cakes during a peak or tourist season may also find success even in the slow months by baking products that sell evenly during a year to a smaller audience. If you have started a bakery, you can add gluten-free brownies, loaves of bread, and various other sugar-free products.

When you make the majority of your income during a season, you can supplement it by finding a smaller market with a need that is seasonless. You can also develop a specialized product to expand your sales.

4. Go Where the Season Is

Raj Kumar a small business owner has a store based in Karol Bagh. He has a business selling woolen track pants that are best suited to combat the winter chills in Delhi. But during the slow summer months, he began to notice a stream of orders from colder regions within and outside India, where winter was always in full effect.

As he began to explore the other market in different regions, it made up as much as 70 percent of all orders from March through August. So if you have a business of seasonal products, you can explore the other markets across the country that will help you to generate more and steady revenues.

5. Add Complimentary Products & Services

One of the best ways to make your seasonal business work throughout the year is to add up new products and services to serve the various other seasonal needs of your customers. If you have a store of woolen coats, you can add up a new line of blazers that can be worn in summers too.

Today, many organizations have fixed a dress code and cotton blazers are in great demand too. You can start offering cotton blazers to your customers and ensure a well-performing business throughout the year.

The above-mentioned strategies will help you increase you’re your business sales during the off-season. You can also watch the most informative video by Dr. Vivek Bindra, the best motivational speaker of India in which he explains 10 strategies to boost your business sales even during the off-season.

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