Summary: You don`t need to work for ten hours to accomplish your goals. You can work less and grow your business with these three principles.

Time management is something most entrepreneurs and business owners struggle with. We all keep on looking for ways that can help us to achieve more in less time.

Though time is a limited commodity, if you invest in it smartly, your life will be transformed irrespective of your age, religion, caste, creed, occupation, and gender. So if you are serious about achieving your goals, you should find good time management and work on it.

Many people work for 20-22 hours and still complain that most of their tasks are not completed. But, if you take care of your tasks completed, you can finish them on time.

Here are 5 principles that will help you to manage time constructively:

1. Set Your Mindset

“Simple scales, complexity fails.”- Steve Jobs

Everything begins in your mind. Many of us often believe that more growth means more work and a lot of us simply don`t think that it is possible to have more free time and scale up our startup business. However, to bring significant changes in our life, we need to make changes consciously.

Entrepreneurs often feel that they need to find more people and processes if they want to get work done and save time too. But if you add more elements to your business, even to save labor, you will end up adding more complexity. Hence, find more creative ways to remove tasks from your day, not add them.

2. Prioritize tasks that Yield High Results

Once you read this, you might think that it is the most logical thing to do. But ask yourself, if it is so obvious, why we don`t do it? If you take an audit of your daily tasks, you might realize that your day is packed with tasks that are not giving you results.

So, sort out your daily tasks and make a list. Whether it is answering your phone calls or taking team meetings, producing reports, or answering emails, list out every task. Most of the tasks that yield fewer results take most of your time and money.

According to the time management Pareto Principle- 80% of your results are coming from 20% of your work. All the other tasks are just wasting your time. This can also be implemented on your client base too. 80% of the company`s revenue is coming from 20% of your clients.

So to deal with this you can make a list of those tasks that yield more results. You can also consult with a business coach as well to understand the dynamics of time management. You can also watch some of the best time management techniques, right here:

3. Spend Mornings at MIT's

Mark Twain once said, “if it is your job to eat a frog, it is best to do it first thing in the morning. And if it is your job to eat 2 frogs, it is best to eat the biggest one”. His point? Tackle the most important tasks in the morning that needs your complete focus and creativity. Accomplishing these tasks will give you a sense of achievement.

4. Prepare to-do lists in advance for the next day

Make a list for the next day every single evening before hitting the bed. Writing down all the activities in your list gives you time to plan for your day in advance. It helps you prioritize your tasks and finish them on time.

Time management is a must-have skill for every entrepreneur as it brings a harmonious balance between work and personal life. Where carrying out daily tasks successfully ensures a bright future, maintaining a personal life is also vital for well-being.

5. Do Deep Work

Coined by Cal Newport ‘Deep Work states that activities that require 100% focus and energy must be completed first in a state of distraction-free concentration that your cognitive capabilities to their limit. With this technique, you produce work with exceptional quality and value. This technique of time management strategy can also help you to improve your skills and do things that are hard to replicate.

The above-mentioned time management tips can boost your productivity. Apply these in your daily life and you can achieve more by doing less. Finishing your tasks on time will not only help you accomplish your long-term goals but also instill a sense of achievement that will keep you motivated.

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