Summary: Want to know how you can get Instagram followers for your business account? Discover the most effective strategies that will get your brand more Instagram followers fast.

Instagram has become a cornerstone of many brands` social presence. Whether you are a motivational speaker or selling a product, this platform has helped many small startup businesses to drive profitable traffic to landing pages, grow conversions, and build an engaged audience.

As a brand, the journey on the most popular social media platform can be tricky, especially when you are starting afresh. However, the first thing to do here is to get more followers, fast.

But how?

Many brands pick the easier route like buying followers or using bots. Tricks like these might help you to increase your followers on your business account. But they won`t be helpful in the long run. You will lack genuine customers and engagement. The organic distinction is very important.

So if your Instagram presence isn`t quite as robust as you are hoping, it is time to learn how to sharpen up your strategies for getting real, and organic followers on Instagram.

Here are five ways in which you can increase your Instagram followers on your business profile:

1. Optimize Your Instagram Account

One of the most essential steps that you must do is to optimize your account completely before you set out on an expedition to grow your followers. The ‘Instagram bio’ space is like your homepage that will act like a window for the world to get insights.

Without a bio, image captions, an attractive username, or profile image, how your customers will feel connected with you? How will your target customers know the account belongs to your brand? It might seem obvious but it forms the foundations of your brand identity. But many people miss out on this basic thing that your website link in the bio is that one spot that can drive traffic to your site.

2. Keep a Consistent Content Calendar

As an entrepreneur, the worst thing that you can do for your brand is to post content at random timings. If you are lucky to get users following you in the beginning, you might not want them to forget about your brand and business altogether.

Hence, keep a regular posting schedule. Typically brands should not post more than a couple of times a day to avoid spam. But if that suits you, keep it consistent. Depending upon the type of industry you are in, you can figure out which time is suitable for your posts.

3. Schedule Your Posts in Advance

While Instagram has changed its algorithm to show users more content that they like, posting at the right times can still give your posts more visibility by increasing engagement. By scheduling everything in advance, you or your team can see campaigns and schedules more easily. It is always wise to design and prepare your content in advance and with our Instagram scheduling tools, you can reach a wider audience and maintain a consistent flow of the content posting.

4. Get Partners & Brand Advocates

Any brand needs to understand and know the value of its audience. For your small startup business recognizing your target customers is vital for business growth. The larger your follower count grows organically, the more buyers and clients you will have for your products or services.

The most effective method to get more followers is to get in front of them and be present. You can conduct a contest or try sponsoring user-generated content to get your brand in customers` feeds. These types of campaigns build social proof by showing that your fans are invested in your brand enough to repost your content.

5. Avoid Fake Followers

There is a huge difference between legitimate followers and fake followers. Brands that have genuine followers are more likely to attract customers as compared to those who fake numbers. Buying followers might seem tempting, but the backlash outweighs the perks of having organic follower growth.

In today`s digital world, every business large or small is present on Instagram. This social media platform has more than 200 billion users who log in every day. So make the most of it by posting quality content to increase your followers.