While freelancing has been a popular career choice, the pandemic has pushed it further to take the center stage. Irrespective of your profession or career field, freelancing gives an equal opportunity to everyone to grow. One can work at his or her own choice of working hours without having to be a part of office politics and unnecessary gossip.

Working for your own self has its own set of rewards however taking the first step towards it can be daunting. Many individuals step back from embracing freelancing because it may appear daunting to begin a new freelancing startup business.

Becoming a successful freelancer is not an easy task. This is why we have come up with 7 immensely effective freelancing Tips for beginners that will help you to achieve your dream with ease:

1. Know Why You Want to Freelance

Starting a new venture may seem exciting, but if your goal is not clear behind it, you will not be able to sustain it for a long time. Do you want to become freelance because you are seeking work satisfaction or you are looking for a work-life balance? Is it a flexible schedule or you are doing it only because you want to increase your family income?

It is crucial to identify your goals and understand why you want to become a freelancer. So take some time out, introspect and find out the reason behind you becoming a freelancer.

2. Figure out Your Key Strengths

“The greater are your skill sets, the higher prices you can ask for yourself in the market.” The second freelancing tip for beginners is introspection. Whether you will be a successful freelancer or not, depends on the quality of your skill sets. Focus your time on perfecting the skill sets that will help you to achieve your goal. Do not waste time imitating others.

Make a list that of your skill sets and write them down in the two sections- skills set that you use daily, and skills set that you don`t use daily. Sometimes the highest-paying skills are the ones, you don`t like the most.

3. Identify your Achievement

One of the best freelancing tips that you can ever use is to discover the achievement that you achieved in the shortest time. Find out that one achievement that helped you win money, new market, votes, awards, or perfect result when the odds were against you.

Finding your achievement can help you identify your skills and strength that will further aid to maximize your growth.

4. Plan of Action

As a freelancer, it is easier to get carried away by taking long breaks. While this could be relaxing for a short duration, in the long run, it can be detrimental to your career growth. To become a successful freelancer you should come out with a detailed plan of action and work according to that. You can also curate monthly, weekly, and daily plans of action by keeping your goals in mind.

It is also very important to keep realistic expectations and plans as disappointment will set in when your plans will not come to fruition.

5. Build Your Brand With Specialization

Building your brand requires you to create an undisputable reputation by becoming a specialist in your field. Once you become an expert in your field, your market reputation will increase and more clients would like to work with you.

Look for skills and courses that can help you to enhance your portfolio. Dwell upon questions like which is the best way to build a website, how to make blogs more interesting, and how to gain more visibility?

6. Identify Personal Traits

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” This famous quote of Bruce Lee says it all. We all have that one personal trait where we excel and no one can beat us. All you have to do is to identify it. Figure out whether you communicate well, have good leadership skills, problem solver, are curious, or remain positive and calm under a stressful situation.

These personal traits help to build a reputation in the market. And as we have mentioned earlier, a good reputation helps you to get more clients.

7. Grow Your Online Presence

The last freelancing tip is to create your business website and keep updating it with interesting blog posts associated with your brand, your niche market, and your latest work. Join forums and groups on social media specific to your niche and do not forget to leave comments.

If you are a writer and looking for freelance work you can collaborate with other writers.  You can write guest blog posts. Writing blog posts and maintaining a portfolio will give exposure to your work and give you an authority in your field.

Being a freelancer can give an air of freedom, but starting it and becoming successful in it can be overwhelming and require dedication. But if you are passionate about your work, nothing is impossible. Apply the above-mentioned 7 freelancing tips and you will see unbelievable success in your field.

You can watch this amazing video by Dr. Vivek Bindra on 7 strategies to become a successful freelancer here:

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