Animated Videos:  A Game-changing Strategy for Small Businesses
Do you want to establish a powerful connection with your audience?
In today’s market, there is no better way to do it than connecting through animated videos. Now you might be thinking, that you’re a serious business and there’s no way a cartoon is going to help your brand get audiences’ Just think of Red Bull’s TV commercial for a second ’ It’s all about interesting animated characters spelling out the brand message well. For a vast majority of businesses, creating animated videos is a perfect way to enhance their brand identity. Here are 5 ways to do that:
1. Powerful Communication Tool:
Animated videos for business utilises the power of storytelling. A brand can close the gap between itself and its audience with a powerful story they can empathise with.

  • A simple animated video, with a powerful script, and well-design characters, is sure to keep your audience hooked, even if the topic might be a bit complex for them.
  • Animation based videos reduce the time taken by a customer to read the description of a product or service to mere moments.
2. Higher Viewership & More Share:
Since there’s a wide variety of content available online & customers are being bombarded with this content, they will definitely want to pick something simple, informative and quick to consume.When it comes to consuming simple and quick content, watching animated videos is typically more attractive than reading verbose textual messages.
  • Your conversion rate can increase by 80%, simply by having a video on your landing page. Higher conversion rate means more sales.
  • Chances of more views and shares increase with the use of animated videos, people are encouraged to share your videos, making them an advocate for your brand. 
3. Complex Topics can be easily simplified:
 Animated videos for business can bring concepts to life in a way that text or even live videos can’t. Animation based videos are very effective for explaining complex topics in a step-by-step process in a fun and simple way. 
  • Animation allows unlimited flexibility i.e. you can simplify complex topics and showcase aspects of your product that might not be visible otherwise.
  • You can send a subtle but clear message to customers regarding what your company stands for through an animation style that matches with your brand.
For Example: 
A good example of this is the videos put out by Bada Business for their customers. Bada Business (Dr. Vivek Bindra) has over 12 million subscribers on Youtube, making it the World’s No.1 channel for entrepreneurship and business content in Hindi. Difficult topics are simplified for the entrepreneurs and small businessmen of India, using simple, informative and interesting animations.4. Animations are Engaging & Easy to Remember:
Animations are engaging and fun and can tap into the emotions of audiences more effectively than any other medium. Just imagine a brand trying to explain its working through an animated video vis-’-vis a brochure. What would be more appealing to the customer? The answer is obviously the video format.
  • Numerous studies have shown the benefits of using animated videos in education. It is so because people find the concepts more engaging & easy to remember when shared using both audio & visual tools.
  • Animations can be used to reflect the uniqueness of your brand, as it can be personalised.
For example TV commercial of Red Bull: Just think how easy it is to recognise a Red Bull ad, by immediately identifying the style and characters.Using animated videos for business can do the same for your brand.5. Animations are Cost-Effective:
Animated videos are not just fascinating but also come with a low production budget when compared to other video formats.  When you shoot any other type of video, like a live-action video, there can be an extensive list of associated expenses. 
  • Animated videos take off the burden to cast actors, scout for production, arranging for props and production time, scheduling for shoots & finalise sets and equipment.
  • A small businessman can simply get in touch with a design agency or a freelance animator to get rid of a lot of hassle and only worry about the creative input.
  • You have control and can manage small details until the last minute, which is certainly not possible with live videos.
In the case of live videos, one has to stick with decisions made prior to the shoot, and any changes mean additional cost to the business. However, in the case of animated videos, one can change the storyline or characters, without affecting the project or budget of the videos. Animated videos can be a useful tool for building your business & your brand. Animation based videos are cost-effective and at the same time a powerful communication tool for small businesses.A well-done animation can help consumers remember your brand and compel them to do repeated business with you.