We all have read and memorized many things since childhood, but how many of those things do we remember today? What is the reason that most of the things we read, we are not able to remember? For this, German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus created 'The Forgetting Curve'. According to him, if we read anything, if we do not revise it, we will soon forget it. If you also feel that you are not able to remember whatever you study. If you also feel that you are not a fast learner, then we are here to tell you some amazing tips that can help you become a fast learner -

  1. Revise Regularly:

    Since childhood, we have been listening to our parents, and our teachers all the time advising us to revise whatever we have learned. Actually, there is a scientific reason behind the revision process. Whenever we read something, we can remember only 15% of it. Accordingly, if we want to remember something completely, then we have to revise it about 7 to 8 times.

  2. Recall Actively:

    We are going to forget many of the things we are trying to remember. For this not to happen, we have to actively recall it. Whatever we are understanding, if we try to write it down in our own words or explain it to someone else, we will be able to remember it more than ever. Dr. Vivek Bindra has explained many such tactics in his video on memorizing things easily. Here’s the link:

  3. Distractions Disturb:

    Whenever we do any work, if at that time our full attention is not on that work, then we will not be able to give our 100%. The same thing applies to memorizing something. If you want to remember whatever you are reading completely, then first you have to keep gadgets like mobile away from your surroundings and look for a secluded environment. When you’ll practice this regularly, your entire focus will be on memorization.

  4. Clearing Concepts:

    Our education system of our country is based on varied kinds of markings. Due to this, we always try to cram everything we want to memorize in our childhood. Whenever we try to memorize something by cramming, we cannot remember it for long. Instead of this, we should try to understand the concept of every topic. When we understand the concept of a topic, we will always be able to remember it by heart for a long time.

  5. Visualize Vigorously:

    Have you ever noticed that when we read a book, we do not remember it for long, but when we watch a movie, we remember its story, dialogue, and songs? It is because visualization plays its part here. When we visualize something, it stays in our minds for a long time. If you want to remember something for a long time, visualize it.

If you adopt all these methods, then you can understand anything quickly. Along with this, when you understand well, then your communication skills will also improve with time. So follow these tips today and become a fast learner.

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