As a small business owner reaching customers to boost sales is the major goal. Many entrepreneurs often forget about building an online presence via SEO activities. Most often than not, MSME business owners do not take SEO activities seriously and consider them as a liability. But optimizing your website and content according to the guidelines of the search engines can fetch high traffic to your business.

One of the major reasons behind it is that they have seen many organizations struggling with search engine optimization activities. However, what they don`t realize is that many small startup businesses jump over few SEO guidelines that are crucial to yield great results.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) serves as a critical tool that ensures that your business gains an edge and remains competitive while capturing the right audience.

Here is the list of three common SEO mistakes that small to medium-sized businesses often make—and how you can avoid repeating them.

1. Expecting Results Overnight

SEO requires patience and persistence. And this is something that entrepreneurs must understand because success does not happen overnight. Many small business startup owners hesitate from applying a solid SEO strategy because of the time duration that it takes to see results.

When a new web page is published, Google uses 200-plus ranking factors to measure the quality of your content. Hence, it takes time to validate the relevance of the new content. The content you create helps to build your website reputation and pull up customers organically. The entire process takes around a month before you start seeing results. To come on top of the result page, the average age is almost three years.

Monitor SEO campaign for weeks, use SEO tools like Google Analytics to understand the performance of your webpage and the source of traffic.

2. Customized Research on Keywords

SEO is powerful only when Keywords are powerful. Hence, it is very important to find relevant keywords that meet your customer`s needs.  Keyword-rich content will help yield the highest results. And many new potential customers find new businesses through Google search that includes keywords matching with their requirements.

So try to put yourself in the minds of your customers and apply the keywords that define your ideas and topics.

3. Ignoring Backlinks in your Content

Backlinks are the second most important factor that plays a vital role in Google ranking. When creating a web link, backlinks are non-negotiable! The inclusion of external links into your content boosts your website`s search engine ranking and popularity organically.

Many business owners often skip this fundamental step of an SEO strategy because of the in-depth research and time it takes.

However, it is essential to include quality links that are from credible sources. The guidelines from Google penalize unnatural links and also prohibit links that are not that valuable and useful for the users.

Understanding the factors that can affect your SEO results can be time-consuming and challenging. But once you prepare it with the right approach, it will drive your customer acquisition and yield great results.

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