The headline is a significant aspect of your advertisement, sales letter, space ad, or email marketing. You can have the best product or the best service, but it does not matter if the reader doesn’t get past the headline.

Have you ever come across a headline and couldn’t figure out which product was being sold? Or spotted a tagline in an email that was longer than the subject line? Or has it ever happened with you that a random tagline caught your attention and you ended up loving it so much that you shared it amongst your peers?

Taglines or headlines are often overcomplicated and underwhelming. And, changing the headline can make a huge difference in your customer`s response rate.

According to Copy blogger, “On average, 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest.”

Catchy headlines hold the power to grasp your attention and determine the effectiveness of the entire piece. If you can come up with a good headline, you can make an award-winning advertisement.

You can discover some awesome strategies in this award-winning video by Dr. Vivek Bindra.

Here are 5 Tips to ensure that your audience turns into your customers:

1. Name-Dropping Authority

No matter how deeply you have researched before writing a headline, your customers will not trust you. To showcase authority, it is always advised to use names of famous personalities, and associations that are a proven authority in a particular field.

For instance, if you have the business of selling medical supplies, and writing an article related to it, you can use reports published by credible sources like Indian Medical Association, World Health Organization.

If you will create authority via your headlines, you will gain more visitors.

2. Lead with a Key Benefit or Intriguing Question

Always put your biggest benefit in the headline. This does not mean that you should put your entire sales pitch, but only the biggest benefit for your readers. Your headline should be so compelling that the readers have to stop and feel that there is something of value to them.

Give them hope, a promise, achievement, and confidence. For instance taglines of brands like L`Oreal- ‘You Are Worth It’ creates an experience of achievement in the customers. This instills confidence in their target audience and they keep coming back for that special sense of achievement.

3. Make Your Message Exclusive for a Community

If you have subscribed to Dr. Vivek Bindra`s YouTube channel, you might have noticed that many videos are based on a particular community. When you write a headline inclusive for only a special group of people, readers see that they fit into the group, and think that this particular ad, blog, or article is for them.

Here are some examples:

  • A video-based on small business owners from Madhya Pradesh

  • This video showcases the brilliant business skills of Marwari People

  • Explaining the concept of MLM marketing

  • YouTube v/s TikTok

4. Create Headlines With Extreme Unusual Emotion

The major reason behind any successful advertisement is its ability to strike the right emotional chord of the customer. If a customer can feel the “me too” emotion instantly while watching the ad or as soon as he reads the headline of an article, rest assured that he will watch the entire advertisement. It will also attract visitors to your website resulting in increased conversion rates.

5. A headline that Rhymes, Definitely Shines

Many brands have compelling headlines. Customers remember headlines far longer than the product itself. But it helps to create a recall value of the brand.

6. Include Adjectives & Numerical

According to KISSmetrics, “readers tend to absorb the first three words of a headline and the last three words.” But how often do we write six-word headlines? Hence, to make it more enticing, always include an adjective and a number in the title.

  • E.g. Top 10 Influential People who Failed Miserably
  • 5 Worst Mistakes Entrepreneurs Should Avoid
  • 7 Billion Dollar Sales Strategies for Startup Business

If you are dying to create an award-winning advertisement or want to create a blog post that attracts visitors in huge numbers, then you can use the six ultimate strategies mentioned above. For more strategies, you can watch this excellent YouTube video by Dr. Vivek Bindra.

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