As work-from-home becomes the new normal, businesses are restructuring their work-from-policies to ensure the security of client data.

From the hacking of the 2018 Winter Olympic games to the recent scam with NDTV`s well-renowned journalist Nidhi Razdan, it`s clear- digital domains are the new battlefronts. Though the companies are taking the required preventive measures, the cyber threats on global brands like Delta Airlines, and Best Buy proves that no matter how large or small, companies are still vulnerable to emerging cyber-attacks.

According to the report of CSO`s State of Cybercrime 2017, ‘by the year 2021, the cybercrime damages will cost the businesses around the world $6 trillion annually as the unfilled cyber-security roles will have tripled. ‘

The key findings from the report clearly state that in the coming years every Tech business will actively protect their businesses against cyber-security threats.

So how can you ensure the privacy and security on the internet for your business? Let`s have a look at the most successful ways to protect data in an organization that will ensure data security:

  1. Update Latest Security Patches

The best way to protect your company`s data is to ensure that your tech professionals are keeping up with the latest hardware and software patch updates. To complete tasks in time, your employees may not update their software because they do not want to be interrupted. Hence, to ensure online privacy protection, you must implement an updated patch plan.

  1. Encryption of Data

From encrypted hard drives, phones, USBs to data encrypted before its transfer to a cloud system, data encryption has become an integral part of the protection of sensitive information. Businesses in today`s world have become vulnerable due to the rise of remote work. With devices frequently leaving the safety of secured networks, encryption ensures that the data remain inaccessible in case of theft or loss.

  1. Invest in Emerging AI solutions

AI or Artificial Intelligence is growing and expanding its branches with each passing day. Integrating AI with security plans can provide you with many benefits.

  1. Create a Response Plan

A cyber-attack or a data breach can prove a lot costlier than we can anticipate. Hence, creating a breach response plan will ensure that your tech professionals how to deal with the situation, in the worst scenario. A response plan will help companies adequately store their data, fix vulnerabilities, and also notify the tech professionals.

With the rise of many startups and small businesses, India is experiencing a ‘data revolution’. Protecting sensitive information has become more essential than ever. By applying the above-mentioned tips, you can ensure the protection of your company`s data.

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