Summary: Your consumers experience your products through your business website. Make sure they have an amazing one!

When it comes to web browsing, we want everything fast. From a business website to product images, anything that takes more than 5 seconds seems like an eternity. Many customers leave a website page that takes a long time to download even though they love the product

Even Google considers a site`s speed when it crawls your webpage. According to one report by Google, “the chances of people abandoning a business website grow by 32% when the page load time increases from one to three seconds.”

In another study, users who are dissatisfied with the site's performance say they won`t return to the site again. It simply means that having an unresponsive website can result in you losing customers, and it is time to do something about it.

If you have an e-commerce startup business and are wondering why your sale is not growing, here are some tips that will help you to speed up your website and make it more responsive:

1. Pick Faster Web Host

The speed of your web host plays a crucial role when you create a website. While many entrepreneurs choose the cheapest available option, this typically comes at the expense of their site`s download speed. If your website is slow and takes time to download the images of the products, your customers might get annoyed and might leave.

Hence, consider switching to a better and faster host. Before selecting a host, you can Google their reviews to find out what their customers have to say about them. You can take our Problem Solving Courses and learn everything about business websites and marketing.

2. Pick a Theme that is fast & Responsive

To build a fast website, you should use a lightweight theme for your website. A lighter website theme will download quickly for your visitors when they will your website. Themes that are poorly coded are often heavier and take a longer time to load, particularly on mobile devices.

Most businesses are focusing to build a mobile-friendly website. Why? Because the majority of users access the internet through smartphones. So, you should choose a mobile-friendly, light theme that is responsive and downloads quickly as your first choice.

3. Upload & Stream Videos Directly from YouTube

Large files uploaded on the website tend to slow the speed down. Rather than uploading your videos to the web host directly, try uploading them onto YouTube.  You can then simply embed the link on your website. Your visitors can stream your videos directly from YouTube. This will help you to reduce the load time for your website.

4. Use Plugins Smartly

Many plugins can help to make your business website truly amazing. However, it is suggested that you use them sparingly. Where some plugins will provide a unique experience to your customers, too many will slow it down.

A website is a gateway that brings customers to your products and services. Hence, building a website that is faster, responsive, and mobile-friendly is the need of the hour. By applying the quick ways mentioned above, you can create a website for your e-commerce business that will attract more visitors and help you to grow sales.

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