If you are looking to create a passage through which you can earn online, then there is no better time than now!

If you are a content marketer and interested in video marketing then creating a YouTube channel is the place to start with. Why? YouTube is the second most popular social network, after Facebook on the entire internet.

Not just that, as a Google product, it is also the second-largest search engine after it. It has more than 2.3 billion users across the world.

You can find a diverse audience on YouTube. From wanna-be-chefs to tech geeks, fashionistas to travelers, every type of audience is present on YouTube. Like literally!

And these billions of users log in every month to watch videos on the platform. Especially, in 2021 when the world is still reeling under the aftermath of the pandemic, these fresh statistics hold great value for marketers. You can also watch Case Study on Youtube by Dr. Vivek Bindra here:

With such a massive and active market of users, YouTube has virtually no competitors. This is one of the reasons why more and more people are creating YouTube channels to make money. It certainly proves to be a great platform for anyone who wants to tap into this endless world of creative and entertaining opportunities.

No wonder, companies are putting more of their monies into digital video advertising. However, that does not mean that you too need to shed a large amount of money to create a YouTube channel.

The process of starting a YouTube channel is rather easy. And, most importantly, if you constantly put out quality content that would pull people towards it, you will get the attention and eyeballs that will help you to drive customer acquisition through YouTube.

But first, let`s start with how to create a great YouTube channel.

  1. Select a Channel Layout & Organize your Content

The first step towards your YouTube marketing begins with creating a great channel layout. It involves a crisp name for your channel and clear description and the types of videos you are going to post. When users come to your channel, they should be completely aware of what you are offering to them, and what they can expect.

Keep your color scheme simple, and ensure that they complement the theme of your channel. Write a powerful and clear call-to-action (CTA). Do not forget to mention how often you publish new videos.

Create videos that are informative, engaging, and bring value to the users who are taking out time from their busy schedules and investing it in you.

  1. Create content for your channel, regularly!

To keep your channel`s feed active, you should consistently update your channel with fresh and new content. It also helps to increase your presence on the platform, and help you build an audience.

Though there is no ideal amount to post, you should aim for a minimum of one video every week. If you find it too time-consuming, there is one more way to keep your feed alive- shorter versions of long videos.

There are diverse YouTube channel ideas for beginners. Select a topic and build a theme around it. Post-bite-size versions of that video every week. This will keep your audience engaged and they will come for more.

  1. Write a great YouTube Title

Titles are very important when it comes to creating videos on YouTube. This is certainly something that you cannot ignore. No matter how engaging and informative your content is. If you can`t get anyone to click on your video, you will not gain any viewers for your channel.

How to do it? Well, here is the recipe to create an appealing and attractive title for your videos. It is pretty simple and you can also take inspiration from other YouTube channels that are from your genre and are earning well.

YouTube`s title character limit is 100. But right around 50 to 55 characters, they begin to cut off the text on the desktop. This where you write a smart title that forces a user to click on it to know more.

E.g. Business Insider writes half a sentence and leaves it as a “…..”. This makes the user click on the video to watch it completely.

Also, use the right keywords, as it is another important aspect of YouTube SEO. Always use keywords in your title to attract the right audience.

Now, as we finally know how to make a great-looking title, let`s move on to the visual title- the Thumbnail.

  1. Create the Right YouTube Thumbnails

Do not skip this part. Choosing the right thumbnail for your video is as crucial as selecting a title. There are multiple ways that marketing experts are using to attract more users. Some of them include using arrows and circles and including a logo for brand awareness.

  1. Cross-promote with other Channels

One of the best ways to increase reach on your YouTube channel is cross-promotion. Identify and reach out to other YouTube channels that are similar to yours to collaborate or cross-promote in a manually beneficial manner.

You can use your email list, followers on social media platforms, or even embed videos on your website to drive traffic.

If you have wanted to start a YouTube channel of your own, do not delay it any further! Start now! This is the perfect time to start making engaging videos and monetize them too.

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