People look for constant motivation and inspiration to keep moving ahead in life. This is equally true for the business and entrepreneurial life of all the individuals. Being business or start-up owner ensures a constant source of troubles and challenges. It sometimes become difficult to tackle the turbulent business environment and keep a positive mindset. Business persons, especially young entrepreneurs, sometimes feel defeated at the hands of rampant uncertainties. This happens almost at every stage of business, and not just unique to the early or start-up phases. 7 Rags To Riches Biographies Every Young Entrepreneur Should Read for Constant Motivation.

To overcome such situation and beat the blues, watching some real-life documentaries of successful business tycoons, understanding their method of working and their MO while dealing with complexities, is definitely a good way to feel re-energised and motivated. Such documentaries also help the entrepreneurs to clear their mind and allow them to think calmly without getting exhausted and come up with out of box solutions to the business problems. Here are documentaries which are a mist watch for all the entrepreneurs: 11 Business Lessons every Entrepreneur should learn from Late Dhirubhai Ambani!

Startupland: A Documentary Film

Capital C

Holyland: Startup Nation


The Startup Kids

Print the legend

The Creative Brain

The Director: An Evolution in Three Acts

She Did That

American Factory

Steve Jobs: One Last Thing

Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates

Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room

American Experience: Henry Ford

Something Ventured

A young entrepreneur has to overcome a lot of unwanted external pressure from society, family, successful and well settled acquaintances, as well as constant internal conflict, fear and self doubt to bloom into a successful business person and reach the zenith. Some motivational real life -visual, audio or textual- stories helps her to stay strong and keep marching towards her destination with head held high.