A tiffin business in India is not a new segment in the F&B industry. But as the young entrepreneurs in India are willing to step into this segment with their innovative approach, the segment has begun to gain popularity.

As the millennial and students are migrating across different cities because of job opportunities and education, the tiffin services in India has witnessed an increasing demand.

Zaika Tiffin Service was started with an investment of INR 7,000. Started from the kitchen of Jinisha Jain is now serving more than 1500 meals over two years.

You too can open a tiffin service and turn it into a popular brand with the correct marketing strategy.

Good food and excellent service in the tiffin service business are essential. But what if nobody knows you are serving? It could be a game-over stage for your tiffin business.

If you already have a tiffin service business and want to increase your profit margins, here are the 3 best marketing tips:

  1. Customer Engagement on Social Media

We know that Facebook & Instagram may sound overwhelming at first; however, they can help your tiffin services gain vast exposure. According to Bain & Company, ‘customers who engage with the business on social media spend about 20-40% more money on that business’.

Promoting your business on social media platforms will drive more customers, which means a significant growth of profit margins in tiffin services.

  1. Include Complimentary Items in the Tiffin

We all love complimentary stuff! So why not give your existing customers or new clients something that they are not expecting? Include some pickles, curd with spices, chutney, or a mouth freshener to make their meal-of-the-day extra delightful.

  1. Keep Updating the Menu

To prevent the boredom that might crawl in after a certain duration of time, refreshing your menu now and then is highly advised. Also, you can ask your customers what they will like to eat on weekends. This will help you understand your customers better and improve your tiffin business services.

Don`t forget to take regular feedbacks from your customer and work upon them to have a large database of Happy Customers! You can learn more strategies that can prove to be powerful for your tiffin business services via our Everything about Entrepreneurship course. To know more, click here: https://www.badabusiness.com/?ref_code=ArticlesLeads