‘Every negative incident has a positive intent’. And with the recent Covid-19 pandemic, the startup ecosystem of India is expected to go uphill.

With a young population that is willing to experiment with their business ideas, The Indian business landscape is preparing to witness an expansion.

The year 2020 has opened many opportunities despite the setbacks. This might have proven as a setback for the entire world, but it also has encouraged us to think beyond the obvious.

Many young job seekers are now actually thinking about opening a start-up. There are plenty of government schemes to support some of the best business ideas.

But having a unique business idea is important. If you do not have an idea now, we have churned out a list of small business ideas. These new business ideas need very low investment and you can manage it online.

Here are some innovative online business ideas in India that you can make use of to take your career next level:

  1. Content Writing

Writing is an excellent way to start earning online by putting your creativity to its best use. If you are looking to start your business with low or zero investment become a writer. From huge companies to mid-level companies, content is in demand everywhere.

You can become a proofreader, article writer, copywriter, content writer, blogger, and e-book writer. If you love creating heartwarming brand stories then you can get promotions and collaborations and earn a good amount monthly.

  1. Web Designer

Becoming a web designer is one of the best online business ideas. Over the year, how a business makes its impression and establishes itself amongst its niche market has become important. Hence, every company needs a website, logo, and attractive pictures to increase its brand awareness.

You can become a logo designer, website mockup designer, photo editor, icon design, photo retouching, cartoon artist, and poster designer. All you need to do is design a portfolio to showcase your best work to potential clients.

  1. Digital Marketing

‘Success is not changing reality; it is changing the mentality behind the reality’. The year 2020 has channeled our focus into finding more productive ways to earn money.

Digital Marketing is an excellent small business idea that requires no initial funding. .  It has thrown the traditional methods of marketing out of the window and showed us that businesses can operate digitally as well.

Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Affiliated Marketing, Pay per click, advertising, E-mail marketing, and content marketing are all branches of Digital marketing. You can increase monthly income to manifolds. Every company needs a digital marketer to boost their reach, and you can help them achieve their business goals.

Whether you are a student or a professional, with our small business ideas you can start your business that will do well in the coming year. Stay updated with our latest blog posts and subscribe to our YouTube videos to get more business ideas.