Are you looking to launch a startup in 2021? Do you have the potential to build a profitable business but not trying due to a lack of technical skills? Do not lose heart because there are some of the best non tech startup ideas waiting for you in this article.

The term “startup” in today`s world often paints a picture in our heads of a business that has something to do with modern-day technology. Technology is an essential aspect of every business today without an iota of doubt. However, it certainly does not mean that every business needs to be technology-based.

While some entrepreneurs might jump with excitement about launching a new app, for others the idea of technology being so complex can be quite intimidating. There are multiple non-tech startup ideas that young and aspiring entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and wantrepreneurs who lack technical skills can use to and start their entrepreneurial journey.

We have compiled a list of the five best small business ideas that involve minimum to zero technical knowledge and you can start them in 2021:

  1. Interior Decoration

Many people in India want to decorate their homes in an elegant and sophisticated way. However, they do not know the drill and stay confused about where they should begin. If you have a knack for revamping homes and possess an ability to go into details, Interior Decoration can be your best bet.

Good interior decorators are either expensive or hard to find. You can begin on small scale and later can expand your business. There are certain online tools related to designing as well that do not require advanced knowledge of technology and can be easily learned.

  1. Franchise

Think of a franchise as a “plug & play” business that comes with an organized system and a business structure in its right place. If you do not want to take much risk, becoming a franchisee of a well-established brand is the ultimate money making ideas.

For a fee, you can receive a popular and fully established brand catering to a certain demographic area. It could be apparel, furniture, a café chain, a food chain, or an edtech startup-like Bada Business. To become a franchise partner is highly beneficial for someone new to the business world, and starting afresh.

  1. Online Tutoring

Do you have an upper hand in any subject? If yes, then you can start taking online classes. Whether you excel in music or have a solid grip on physics or chemical equations, with online classes you can generate a new source of revenue.

Today, almost everyone is using social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, Google Meet, or Zoom meetings. You too can pursue your entrepreneurial dream by using one of these platforms to take classes. It is one of the best small business ideas that you can start with zero or minimum investment.

  1. Painting Business

A good piece of art can give meaning to this world. From living room to bedroom, workplace to the boardroom, a good painting can not only enhance the beauty of void space but can also fetch a great price. If you are blessed with creative instincts, you can start selling your masterpieces for a good price. However, you can also start exhibiting the work of other artists via painting exhibitions and earn good revenue.

  1. Kids Party Planner

Planning a birthday party for kids is not child`s play. Kids have free imagination and innocent concepts when it comes to their birthday parties. From fun activities to delicious food, there is a lot that needs to be taken care of. If you are good at managing parties and events, you can also become a kids` party planner.

To start one of the above-mentioned business ideas, you neither require a lot of investment nor you need to be technically sound. These money-making ideas need a solid business plan and never-ending determination and passion to pursue dreams.

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