You have finally found the job of your dreams, you are doing the work that you love, you like your co-workers, and everything is going great, until, your boss enters the scene, who is the ultimate micromanager with a fault-finding attitude, who despite your best efforts is not letting your works, in peace.

We have heard it time and again. People don’t leave a company- they leave a boss. According to a study published in Forbes, “50% of employees left their job just to get away from their manager to improve their personal as well as professional growth at some point in their career.

Yep, that`s right! Fifty percent!

But what if you are not ready to leave your or job yet? Should you continue to suffer in silence?

According to Dr. Vivek Bindra, who is one of the best motivational speakers in India, if you can connect with your boss on some level, it will become easier to convey your message and convince them. You can watch him sharing his insights here:

So don`t stress out! There are plenty of ways to manage a difficult boss and with a little patience and smartness, you can tread carefully:

  1. Assess the Situation

Is your boss guilty of bad workplace behavior in general, or does their attitude is negative only towards you? Be honest with yourself while analyzing the situation. Sometimes there is a disconnection with the bosses at various levels such as approach towards jobs at hand, a difference of opinion, ideation, conceptualization, and execution.

Brooding over a negative situation will only cause more anxiety and worry. Talk to your boss and have an open dialogue to address the situation. Ignoring it will only exacerbate the workplace situation. Sometimes a little motivation might also help. You can attend sessions by a business motivational coach as well to gain as new perspective.

  1. Practice Empathy

Sometimes we have to think from our boss`s perspective to truly understand the situation. Well, now if you are working in an organization of 500 employees, it becomes a little difficult to do that. However, contemplate what your manager or boss may be dealing with- either personally or professionally. The reason behind his difficult attitude could be the ongoing situation that could be the reason behind it.

Are they constantly stressed about tight deadlines? Do they have a difficult boss themselves? Try to have a friendly conversation with them and put yourself in their shoes. It will help you to understand their perspective. You will become more sympathetic about their behavior and circumstances.

  1. Vent out your frustrations

Dealing with a far-from-perfect boss daily can wear you down. While bottling up all your emotions can be harmful to your mental health, venting to your colleagues might backfire on you. Open up and share your feeling with a close friend or a family member, as sharing your issues can alleviate some of that stress. Not only will it help you to get things off your chest, but also you might gain a different perspective about the situation. Ask someone whose opinion you respect.

  1. Practice Self-Control

Self-control is the key that opens a lot of doors for new opportunities. It enables both leaders and direct reports to process your strong emotions productively. It helps to gain a neutral mindset as it is necessary to co-exist with your difficult boss because reacting weakens you.

By efficiently managing our feelings, we can achieve a calm and powerful presence. This helps us create successful outcomes. You can also learn how to keep yourself motivated by watching videos from the best motivational speaker in India- Dr. Vivek Bindra.

  1. Don`t Burn the Bridges

The world is round. You never know whom you might meet and need this person as a reference because many prospective employers of the organization ask specifically for the contact details of direct managers and supervisors.

If you will be unable to provide the contact details, it will give out a negative impression and you will be required to give an awkward explanation.

As difficult as it might be, always ensure that you leave your current organization by following the official process. Do not allow the dynamics to compromise with your professional reputation.

This should be your last resort. Sometimes, despite making efforts, the possibility of improving dynamics with your boss just doesn`t get better. Other times, it is just not worth staying in an organization, if you feel miserable. It will not only affect your mental health but also hamper your professional growth. Not to mention the stress it adds to your day-to-day work life.

Ultimately, only you know how to handle your situation, as you are the only one who knows it best. Listen to yourself before taking any decision. If you decide to move on, do not hesitate! Your ideal job is out there- the job that not only comes with lots of opportunities but also with fulfilling work and a supportive boss.

You can also listen to one of the best motivational speakers in India to explore ways to tackle the stressful situation at work.