When one thinks of building a career, the two broad categories that emerge are getting a good job or starting your own business. The ones who choose to part with the latter generally have the idea that starting a business just means owning a business or getting a franchise. Distributorship is something that often goes unnoticed or missed by these aspiring entrepreneurs.

Wholesale distributor business has been the kind of business that has survived the test of times and proved its mettle by its impressive run time and the profits it brings. If this is something that has caught your interest, then we have some basics for you to make up your mind if you want to set foot into this business.

What Is The Role A Sistributor Plays?

If you were asked as a kid who is a businessman, you would have answered. If you were asked what you mean by the manufacturer, you will give the answer right away. But about when you are asked about the distributors? Distributorship is seldom a topic of discussion when choosing a profession is the point of discussion. Distributors are the intermediate between a manufacturer and the target customer for which the manufacturer produces goods.

After a manufacturer builds goods and products in a plant, the biggest challenge that arises is how to make it reach the right customer considering it's difficult for the manufacturer to cover the entire geography. This is where a distributor helps by buying those goods, stocking them, and selling them to retailers or customers directly.

What Is Meant By A Distribution Channel?

A distribution channel could be easily defined as a process or way with the help of which manufactured goods finally reach the consumer. A distributor sells the products by covering a big area increasing the efficiency of distribution and retailers. The channels could broadly be categorized into four parts such as

  • When manufactured goods directly reach the consumer
  • When manufactured goods are bought by a distributor and sold finally to the consumer
  • When manufactured goods are bought by a distributor, distributed to the retailer, and sold finally to the consumer
  • When  manufactured goods are bought by a distributor, taken over by a dealer, distributed to the retailer, and sold finally to the consumer

Mandatory And Basic Requirements

It's good that now you have realized the goodness of the distribution business and want to try your hand at it, but first, you need to figure out how you can afford the basic requirements of becoming a distributor. When you talk of wholesaling business, you can only imagine the kind of space it requires to stock a huge number of goods.

Secondly, if you have figured out a warehouse for your business, you will need to take care of the transportation to distribute goods across the area that you have targeted to sell the goods and products. Depending on the scale of your business, you can see what level of transportation works the best for you.

Most importantly, you will have to take care of the licensing and permits to carry out this business. There are many factors that can affect the process such as the area you are targeting and the laws that are followed in that area.

Hence, if you decide on becoming an entrepreneur, you need to first familiarise yourself with the basics of this industry to figure out what works the best for you and what field do you find yourself most comfortable with. Once the dust settles down and the vision is crystal clear, there will be no looking back.