Mumbai, November 23: If you have a knack for cooking, experimenting with different ingredients and a taste bud which appreciates different cuisine, a catering business can be a very profitable idea for you. However, this business is more about just food and ingredients. It requires great business skills, organisation planning and creativity.

We have curated 6 quick tips which you can use in your every day catering business to improve sales.

Have a business plan: Finalise on a business plan, where you need to decide your catering business will specialise into which kind of cuisine and what would be the highlight.

Stick to quality food: It is very important to feed your customers not only good but tasty food, this will make them come back to you again. Use good ingredients, where the health of the customers are not compromised. Innovate on the menu as people love to experiment and try out different things.

Make Your customer happy: Catering business till today works on the basis of word of mouth. If customer A is happy with your food and service, he will surely spread the word to two other people and therefore, it is very important to make your customers happy. Not only the food, but the service should also stand out.

Take care of hygiene: Keeping the COVID-19 crisis in mind, it will be a big challenge for caterers to present themselves in such a manner so that people can have their food without any tension. Look after the hygiene and sanitise all the food items and utensils frequently.

Offer competitive pricing. Remember one thing that your pricing should be such that it matches with your competition. If your price is higher than your competition, then your food and service should offer something more than what others are not giving.  Profitability is important in any business, so it doesn’t make sense to drop your prices to the point of losing money.

Market your business: In order to reach out to your prospective customers, it is very important that your market using both the online and the offline mediums. Make an attempt to always stay on top of the mind of the customers.

We hope these simple steps will help you focus and will reap success in your everyday business.