Whether you are planning to start a factory setup or a business startup, every aspiring entrepreneur, solopreneur and wantrepreneur want to be successful in a new project. A right beginning can make things easy and smooth, especially when you are starting a new business.

Starting a new business, opening an office or a shop on an auspicious date can bring fortunate luck, prosperity, success, and growth to the business owner.

In Hindu culture a Shubh Muhurat holds significance. A shubh Muhurat means an auspicious time that is based on the calculations and positions of the planet in the solar system. Based on these astrological calculations auspicious dates are decided.

Starting a new factory set-up or a business on a Shubh Muhurat date will keep the hurdles at bay, ensuring the success of your business. The month of February 2021 is predicted to be immensely auspicious for the shop-owners, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs who want to lay the foundation of their new startup.

Here is a list of all the auspicious dates in February 2021 on which you can start your dream business startup:

14 February 2021- The 14th February this year is falling on Sunday and is considered to be auspicious. There are two Shubh Muhurat timings from 7.30 AM to 8.57 AM, and 10.22 AM to 06.27 PM.

18 February 2021- The 18th of February is Thursday and is a perfect day to do the inauguration of a shop or a factory setup. The auspicious timings begin from 10.06 AM to 11.41 AM, and 01.37 PM to 06.12 PM.

19 February 2021- The 19th of February is Friday and the shubh muhurat starts from 07.07 AM to 11.37 AM.

25 February 2021- Considered to be extremely auspicious, the 25th of February is Thursday. You can lay the foundation of your new business between 03.24 PM to 05.44 PM.

27 February 2021- 27th Feb is Saturday and if you are planning to open a shop, it is the perfect time to do it. Do the inauguration of your shop from 01.01 PM to 07.54 PM.

28 February 2021- The last day of the month is falling on Sunday and the best time to start your business is from 07.18 AM to 11.02 AM.

The above-mentioned dates in February are extremely auspicious according to astrology. So, plan the start of your venture around these auspicious dates and take your first step towards success, growth, and wealth.