We all feel low at a certain point in our lives. Good song or music can provide comfort and drive to even the most stressed workers. Shekhar Astitwa wrote these lyrics about working hard and achieving goals. Bada Business Republic Day 2021 Offers: Know About Offers on IBC, LTM and Other Courses; Check List of Offers Valid From January 26–31.

"Pighla de zanjeerein

Bana unki shamsheerein

Kar har maidaan fateh oh bandeya

Kar har maidan fateh"

Especially during the times like pandemic, we have limited inspiration to work and we often turn to music to inspire us. Turning to music can be a good decision as it a healthy way to develop better work ethics. So here are some songs which are inspiring and motivating to hustle more.Small Business Ideas: 4 Businesses You can Start Right Away with Minimum Investment.

"Chale Chalo" From Lagaan (2001)

The team anthem from 'Lagaan' is an inspiring song with very uplifting beats. The team motivates you to be a team player and provide that extra boost of energy needed to finish difficult projects successfully. Overall, this song also teaches us patience because the story shows non-professional cricketers learning cricket to defeat much stronger British team.

“Ruk Jaana Nahin” From Intihaan (1974)

The iconic Kishore Kumar song is from the movie 'Imtihaan'. The song gives a message to keep going even if you fall. The ability to keep going on is the quality that makes an entrepreneur successful.

"Kuch Kariye" From Chak De India (2007)

The melodious song from Shah Rukh Khan-starrer Chak De India is extremely impactful and motivating. “..Kuch kariye,kuch kariye, Nas nas meri khaule,kuch kariye, Bas bas bada bole..!” these lines from the song translates to “Do something, Every vein of mine is boiling , enough of all this big talk, now do something!” It gives you a message to get back on track and start working towards your goal.