People are increasingly quitting their 9-5 jobs to establish their own businesses. More and more young adults are beginning their entrepreneurial journey. However, one the major limitation the business aspirants face is selecting the right business to start and establish. Not all business ideas are feasible and materialise into an actual start-up. To begin with, entrepreneurs should look for small businesses, which can be started at a small scale with minimum investment. Such businesses can be started with the least number of employees  in a sole proprietorship set-up. Start-Up Ideas: Here are 5 Businesses You Can Establish and Run Under Rs 20,000.

Small businesses can be started easily without much financial or human investment. Here are 4 small businesses you can start right away:

Customised Clothing Business 

One of the most popular and sought after product in the apparel industry is customised clothes. More and more people are looking to have their name, pictures, quotes, symbols etc on their clothes. Starting a customised clothing business on an online as well as offline platform will be profitable. It doesn't require much investment. However, one should a basic understanding of designing and colour schema. Here are 4 Profitable Startup Business Ideas that Give you High Returns.


Another low investment and big return business is of bakery shop. People are moving towards homemade food options and drifting away from factory-made packaged food items. One can bake cookies, cakes, pastries, cupcakes and a variety of breads an sell at decent profitable prices. Simultaneously, starting an online channel instructing how to bake will provide additional source of income.


If one has a knack for angle, dimension and can capture the aesthetics beautifully, then photography is the business to go for. All one needs to do is set up a website and social media pages displaying your photographs and creating an awareness about your business. It is also a well-paying, all weather business.

Online Book Store 

Despite the coming in of various tech products, many avid readers prefer books over screens. Create an online portal through which people can exchange, rent and purchase books. All one needs to do it make a network of book readers, source books (used, new) and create awareness about the book portal on social media.

Many small businesses have proven to be highly successful and profitable for the entrepreneurs. Continuous and dedicated efforts by the start-up owners ensure long term survival and success of the business.