As the start-up ecosystem in the country is blooming, more and more individuals are looking to establish and run a business of their own. They are quitting their secured and salaried jobs and venturing into a world of uncertainties yet extremely rewarding Start-Ups. The start-up mania is not only restricted to the larger places in the country, many highly talented and skilled people from tier - I and tier-II cities and even rural areas are planning to start their own business.  One of the most important criteria while making the decision about establishing a start-up is the availability of funds. How to Start a Coffee Stall Business Under Rs. 20000.

Many start-ups find it difficult to survive in their initial days owing to shortage of funds or irregularities in funding. Some of the people who want to start their own business also give up on their dreams owning to lack of adequate funds. However, there are certain businesses which can be started without much investment. Here are 5  start-up ideas to establish and run business under Rs 20,000


If you have a knack for baking delicious and mouth watering cakes, cookies, pancakes, chocolates among others, starting a bakery is the perfect idea. Home-made food items are especially bakery items are in huge demand. More and more people are avoiding ordering cakes from commercial bakeries and looking for home made alternatives. Opening a bakery is a perfect low cost idea for people looking to start business below Rs 20,000.

Ice-Cream Palour 

Another food related business idea which is low cost as well is to a ice-cream palour. You do not need an elaborate  or lavish set-up to start the business at least. One can place the order on credit with any supplier. The initial investment requires a good refrigerator and a little advertising about the launch of the shop and wait for the inflow of customers. February 2021 Shubh Muhurat Dates: Lay foundation for New Business venture on these auspicious dates.

Candle Making 

Different varieties of candles are very much in demand. They are used to give as gifts, mementos, saviours among others. Various scented candles are highly popular these days. A bit of creativity and artistry is all what you need to have to start this low cost and investment business.

Pottery Articles 

These are people are moving towards more eco-friendly products. The demand of pottery products is increasing. It is an extremely low cost business idea to start any time. All of new to have is some mud, a potter's wheel and knowledge of pottery making.

Pet-Care Centre 

If you are found of pets and like to spend time with them, then you can start a pet care centre. If does not require much investment just a spacious arena and few facilities. It is extremely well paying as more and more pet owners look for well equipped and furnished set-up  for their beloved pets.

These are some business ideas which you can undertake to establish and run the business successfully without any hurdles and without worrying about the sources and regularity of funds.