You have got to be living under a rock if you still are unaware of the benefits and securities that an online business offers! Almost 59% of the global population uses the internet these days and is extremely likely to conduct commerce online for most of their needs that could vary from something as complicated as buying furniture to as ordinary as ordering food.

No matter how much we crib about society these days, it's the ultimate truth that this era is filled with opportunities for all the businesses to perform great online if done the right way. Both the health and the wealth of the consumers these days are pointing significantly towards the vast scale at which online businesses are booming and will continue to do so in the future.

Join us on this ride to catch hold of these 3 amazing ideas that despite requiring minimum to no investment, are promising enough to make good money.


Rock It With YouTube

It’s mind-boggling to see a hardcore corporate turn into a full-time YouTuber! Trust us, there have been many such cases where people preferred YouTube over any other job as it allows them to be themselves while making great money out of it.

If you are good at presenting your thoughts, if you love communicating with your audiences, and if you have a knack for editing and videography, YouTube is your jam. To start a YouTube Journey you need a recording camera and a decent understanding of some video editing software. Once you find your target audience and views start pouring in, you will be making somewhere around Rs. 1 Lac - Rs. 1.5 lac.


Inspire The Blogger Within

Who doesn't love a good and compelling story? None that we can think of! Businesses these days have realised the power of storytelling and have been relying heavily on bloggers and writers to create compelling stories around their brand to introduce their product and service as subtle as possible.

If you are a good storyteller and have a unique style of writing, this might turn out to be the gold mine for you. Make your style your USP and brands would not hesitate to pay a hefty amount to honor your skills and worth.

If this was not convincing enough, hear this. A good blogger in India earns somewhere around Rs. 1.5 Lacs to 2 Lacs a month. We are sure this factor must have left you in two minds. Think about it.


Show Off Those Social Media Management Skills

Gone are the days when social media was just a digital way to connect with your social network. It has rather outgrown itself into this amazing and pocket-friendly marketing platform that almost all businesses are benefiting from.

For a brand that has a huge online following, it becomes overwhelming to handle all the social media channels, keeping up with the latest updates and trends, and simultaneously engage with the audiences. No matter how overwhelming it gets, it is not something that could be overlooked. This is where Social Media Managers come into the picture to save the day.

If you are a social media junkie and practically live your life online, you might as well make a living out of it! If you start as an individual, you can make up to Rs. 50,000 per month.


We understand that finding success online doesn't sound that easy, but once you find your passion and interest, you will fall in love with the digital world! We need to realise the opportunity, especially now, when the playing field has been leveled for all the players. Keep in mind that success lies in knowing that you have stepped in a profitable field and how aware or up to date you are on the social media trends. All in all, just know that the consumer is online, and that is where you should be.