An entrepreneur is someone who plays a vital role in developing the nation's economy by solving the issues of unemployment and generating awareness regarding entrepreneurship. On Friday, the global fraternity will celebrate this day to honour these entrepreneurs, who work hard each day to innovate something new and lead from the front to boost the country's financial situation.

We all know that India is affected by the coronavirus and its economic situation has taken a roller-coaster ride in the past few months. However, Indian entrepreneurs are trying their best to cope-up with financial instability. Not only these entrepreneurs are pacing up India's economy with their latest innovations, but are also spreading awareness through their leadership skills. World Entrepreneurs' Day 2020 allows honouring these hardworking entrepreneurs for all their efforts to keep India's business sector move forward.

The special day is dedicated to founders, managers, producers, contractors, industrialists, innovators, administrators, designers and producers. As per Global Entrepreneurship Development Institute (GEDI) data, India currently stands at 68th position -- out of 137 countries -- in entrepreneurship development.

Considering the significance of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs need 3 Cs for success -- capital, courage and conviction -- to grow their business in the global market. It is said that without an enterprise and entrepreneurs innovation, productivity growth and new jobs are unthinkable. Through the World Entrepreneurs' Day 2020, events like conferences, workshop and meetings, can spread awareness regarding leadership, innovation, creativity, design, entrepreneurship and other related topics.

Here are some tips to celebrate and honour entrepreneurs on World Entrepreneurs' Day 2020:

1) Enterprises can organise conferences, workshops and meetings at various platforms. Through this, they can generate awareness regarding entrepreneurship and leadership.

2) Business Schools can organise conferences by collaborating with large enterprises. During the conferences, successful entrepreneurs can share their experiences with the upcoming entrepreneurs and motivate them.

3) Business firms can provide discounts and promotions during the World Entrepreneur's Day.

4) Radio and television networks can prepare programs to highlight the importance of entrepreneurship. Also, talk shows can be scheduled to educate the population about entrepreneurship.

5) Universities, government organisations and private firms can organise a group seminar or workshop regarding government policies and hurdles associated with it. Also, discussing financial solutions to set up a firm and ways to sustain in the market would certainly motivate young entrepreneurs.

Apart from this, there are several ways to celebrate World Entrepreneurs' Day 2020. However, the motto behind the celebrations should be spreading awareness and clearing doubts. Experts believe nourishing a healthy startup environment across the country is the most vital part for developing entrepreneurs. On this special day, lets help in igniting new minds and shape them in the right direction.