• Are your employees not feeling motivated to achieve the organizational goals?
  • Do you want to know how to increase employee performance?

Employees’ performance directly affects the growth of an organization. If your employees are not motivated enough to perform, then be sure your organizational goals will take a backseat.

How to sort this out?

To understand how to increase employee productivity, let us first understand the quadrants given below.

Quadrant #3: Managing

It is said that when you are managing your employees, you are only damaging your employees. This will not help you to increase employee productivity.

For Example

If you continuously scold employees about their mistakes, it will reduce their inspiration and motivation. They will stop taking initiatives and responsibilities.

Telling employees about their problems, again and again, will only make the problem bigger instead of solving it.

✅ Managing is only required when there are Disciplinary Issues. Only in this case, you can increase employee performance.

Quadrant #4: Mentoring

Mentoring is required when an employee has a Skill Deficit Issue. This will help you to increase employee productivity.

✅ It is mostly required by new employees as they do not know what to do and how to do.

✅ Identify the skill gap in your employees and train them by becoming their skill partner.

❌ Never give mentoring to an employee who already has the skill to perform his work; this will only damage your relationships with them. His motivation will also go down.

Let us understand this with the help of an example.

If somebody already knows how to play the harmonium and you keep on telling him how to play it, it will only damage your relationship with them.

Quadrant #1: Counseling

Counseling is about asking questions to employees about their problems. It will help you to understand your employees, which will gradually enable you to increase employee efficiency.

For Example

If an employee is coming constantly late to office, then instead of telling him (managing) that he is late, ask him (coaching) why he is late.

Probably, he might be facing some real issues in reaching to the office.

If you ask him, he will be encouraged to speak and both of you mutually find out the solution to the problem.

This will increase his trust in you and he will work hard for you. It will increase employee efficiency.

When you ask employees about their problems, it is inside out and when you tell them about their problems, it is outside in.

Inside out will create inspiration while outside in will kill his inspiration

Quadrant #2: Coaching

Coaching is a process of asking solution-oriented questions to employees like - What are your ideas? What are your top three ideas to remove the defects? What your experience talks about it?

✅ Coach the employees by increasing their willingness and asking them about the solutions.

✅ Ask them about their knowledge and experience.

If an employee is giving a solution, then he will commit more because it is not your solution, it is his solution.

There is already a buy-in that is created in him and now, it is easy for you to increase his willingness.

It will also increase employee performance, accountability, ownership, initiative, and responsibility towards you and your company.

Quadrant 1 (Managing) - gives 0/100 results, Quadrant 2 (Monitoring) - gives 33/100 results, Quadrant 3 (Counseling) - gives 66/100 results and Quadrant 4 (Coaching) - gives 100/100 results.

Now as you know coaching is the best way how to increase employees’ performance, you can improve their productivity and grow your business seamlessly through above-given quadrants.