The most important component of any firm is its offering - product or service, as it brings in sales revenue that is a major source of income. A business' long term survival and growth directly depends upon whether the consumers like its products or not. Hence, a quality offering designed and create to satisfy the consumer wants is a must of businesses looking establish itself and carry forward its operations in the market. One of the most prominent features of any product that draws customers' attention is its packaging. The material used in wrapping the product and the design of its container are influences customers opinions about the product. 4 Smart Ways to raise fund for your startup without Investors.

Apart from the customer's opinion, packaging is also a significant part of the product itself. It keeps the product safe from damage, dirt, spoilage and protects it. A lot of time, efforts and financial resources are employed in the process. Packaging also forms part of symbolic communication from the firm's end and helps the product to gain unique identification in some cases. Here are some ways to improve product packaging for small businesses:

Easy to Carry the Product:

The first and foremost principle to be followed while deciding the packages design is that it makes the product easy to carry. It should align with the dimensions and size of the product. Ideally, package should be of a size that is easily transported from one place to another without damaging the product. It should not be very bulky.

Choose Packaging Material Carefully:

The material used in packaging the product needs to be selected carefully. It should preserve the product form, freshness, and overall quality. The material should not be very expensive as it would add to the overall cost of the product. The colour and design on the material should also be represent the nature of the commodity. 4 Ways to Keep Your Employees Happy & Motivated.

Easy to Open:

Though the packaging should protect the product from any external damage, it needs to be easy to open. A complex package causes irks the consumer. Make the package simple to open, whether that be a 'tear here' tab or an easy-twist cap. Avoid multiple layer packaging.

Creative Design:

Packaging gives the firm a lot of scope of innovation and creativity. Businesses can play around the design of the package. A unique design is a big attraction for the consumers. Especially the products which are targeted to children should be attractive and unique. However, creativity sometimes back fires, firms need to be careful while picking up the right design.

Packaging is a key element in the product mix. Firms need to be careful in selecting the appropriate package of its offering as a lot of resources- money, time. efforts- are employed in the process. More and more firms are adopting sustainable packaging initiatives such as using recycled and reusable material, minimal packaging, green packaging among others.