The most important asset a business has is its Human Resource. A good and motivate team is the first and foremost step towards business' success and survival. Hiring efficient employee is half the battle won, keeping them motivated and making them work to their full potential is the actual victory. A determined employee can make a less competent plan to highly rewarding and successful. The firm's success is to a large extent dependent upon the the efficiency and dedication of the human resource, hence it is necessary to keep the employees motivated and happy. 3 Top Investment Schemes in India to put your money at!

There are certain monetary and non monetary incentives to keep the employees motivated and give their 100 per cent to the firm. A business manager can appease its employees in the following ways :

Adequate Compensation:

One of the biggest incentives for employee to work efficiently is compensation. A adequate remuneration to compensate the work done by a person is not only her right but also a great motivational tool in the hands of the management. Proper monetary incentives including a basic pay, medical and health benefits, provident fund, paid leave among others keep an employee motivated to give her best to the firm.

Listen to Employees:

Another important way to refrain the employees from getting laid back or demotivated at work is by lending a listening ear to their problems and complains while providing them quick and effective solution. If an employee feels she is valued by the firm, her work performance also improves and she won't hesitate to keep the organisation's interest above her individual ones. 4 Effective Bookkeeping Tips for Small Businesses.

Workplace Aesthetics:

The surrounding of the workplace effects the mood of an employee directly. A dull, dirty, mismanaged workplace makes the employee disoriented. Management should ensure that the workplace has adequate lighting, preferably natural light. Clean and hygienic indoors and rest areas are a must. It adds to employee's productivity.

Give Them Constructive Feedback and Appraisal

Employees should be given proper feedback and time to time appraisal on their work performance. It should be given in a constructive manner, not discouraging or inappropriate. Such feedback encourages the employee to make the necessary modification in their work styles and helps their personal growth and development.

Employees are the most crucial asset a firm has. The management should make continuous efforts to keep the employees happy and motivated. It helps to increasing their productivity and performance standards thereby proving to be highly rewarding for the business in meeting its end objective.