With the ongoing pandemic, the situation has changed the business operation. Social distancing, lockdown, and restricted movement have given a sudden shift towards digital platforms. Now the use of digital marketing has increased by 10x in the past few months. Now old and new business owners understood the significance of the digital platform and started adapting to this new normal for better growth.

This digitization is bringing a revolution in terms of marketing strategies and communication with the target audience. Therefore, it's time to adapt and enabled new methods with tools for marketing strategies. Today, most brands are working on reassessing and evaluating their marketing strategies by adopting fresh trends.

Here are a few of the trends that have arisen in the industry:

Referral Marketing

With the changing time, the customer also has changed in perspective towards the brand trust, now they are not driven only by flashy ads. They are more inclined towards deciding on the base of users' experience previously. Many eCommerce sites like Myntra, e-grocery, Ed-tech sites give an existing user opportunity to referral code for inviting new customers and earn rewards.

That helps you in getting the customer interest of both new and old customers.

Campaigns Led by Influencers

The influencer market has peeked the market to heights. Now brands prefer influencer over celebrities as a customer feel more connected to them rather than celebrities. Therefore, there is a shift to do indirect marketing trends on social media through these influencers.

That leads not to connect existing customers, but attract new ones as these influencers have their huge customer base of own.

Don't Bind Your Brand With Language

Now brands have set about using regional language to build a connection with customers. This aspect helps in demonstrating a more intimate relationship with the customer, and now brands are creating their interface in the local native language. It is giving an opening to a new potential for brands and customers for more dependable services and feedback.

Focus on Building Interesting Content

As said and proved, that content is the king. The content can build your brand image positively and negatively. Therefore, using the right content plays a major role in building the value of your brand in customer minds.

Now creating creative content, you need the help of an expert team. Therefore, brands are hiring teams with a creative bend of mind. Now brands driving all the best ideas possible to attract existing customers as well as a new one by plain text to animation.

So, as you can see, things are moving fast in digital marketing So as you have noticed, things are changing at a fast pace in the digital marketing world. Still, content is king, and building a connection with the customer is important. It is no time for a brand to stand still, time to rethink your business strategy to attract customers. Hope these trends help you to reach out to your customer and benefit you in business growth.