Humans are made from their habits. A habit whether it is good or bad can affect your life personally as well as professionally. Believe it or not, habits can impact your life in unexpected ways. We often overlook the power of habits that over a while becomes a part of our personality. And since many people are leading a mechanical life that is always on auto-pilot mode, their productivity has reduced to 0.

So here we are with 11 amazing micro habits that will supercharge you and boost your productivity by 10X:

1. Go to bed early & Get Up Early

Well, Indian parents have always been an advocate of “early to bed, early to rise”. Though we hate that connotation very much, we can’t overlook the scientific fact that sleeping on time and rising early can benefit you in more than one way.

Getting up early not only gives you time to plan your day, but it also silences the rush and anxiety that we feel before stepping out to face the world.

2. Schedule a Couple of Hours Just for Yourself

To complete a particular task at hand, ensure that you block a couple of hours dedicatedly for it. Having a blocked schedule will ensure that you have uninterrupted work time to finish all your tasks at hand. You can ask any business motivational speaker and he or she will advise you to manage time efficiently.

3. The 5-Second Rule

When you are preparing yourself to do a task, countdown from 5,4,3,2,1. As soon as you hit 1, jump at it. Spring into action and put it in motion. If you don’t spring into action, your mind will kill the idea.

4. Plan Your Day A Night Before

Instead of rushing through your morning chores, plan your day the night before. Make your to-do list every day for the next day before hitting the bed. This will give you a system to follow and will help you kick-start your day which is much needed to be productive throughout the day.

5. Say No To Multitasking

When your focus is split into multiple directions at the same time, your productivity and the quality of work go down, draining your energy faster.

6. Organize Your Work

Organizing your work will make it easier for you to tackle it more proficiently. If you struggle to organize your tasks at hand, many apps can schedule and organize your work for you.

7. Divide Difficult Tasks into Small Tasks

This will not only make the task more concrete and actionable but also makes it seem smaller and easier to start.

8. Eat Food That Empowers Brain

Blueberries, nuts and seeds, leafy green vegetables, avocados, fish, and dark chocolate are great for boosting your brainpower.

9. Use the Pomodoro Technique

Time-management techniques help prevent burnout, and you will increase efficiency. Work on just one task for 25 minutes, then take a five-minute break and repeat. Take a longer break after three sessions.

10. Set a Deadline for Each Task

Give yourself a deadline for a particular task. This will help you to focus on it entirely and get things done faster. Many successful billionaires practice this to tick off their tasks. Learn how to master your 24 hours from Dr. Vivek Bindra- the best motivational speaker in India in this powerful video:

11. Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep is as important as scheduling your tasks for the day. This can’t be stressed enough because taking proper and uninterrupted sleep is vital for your mental health. Don’t force your body and mind to work harder when they can’t, especially when you are running behind your sleep schedule. Once you catch up to a healthy sleeping pattern, your productivity will increase at work.

These 11 micro habits, if followed religiously can transform your life for the good. Developing healthy habits can do wonders for your professional and personal life. So, try to incorporate these habits into your life and see the difference.

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