Whether you are seeking an easy way to boost the confidence in students, or a new direction for your business, chasing new company goals, trying to keep the morale of your employees sky-high, or trying to keep them motivated as they are struggling during the pandemic, one thing that you must consider is to bring in an inspiring coach, a mentor or a motivational speaker.

Most people in India consider these inspirational coaches as nothing more than cheerleaders, who are looking to pump the company`s morale which is on the verge of extinction with their speeches. However, a good motivational coach for entrepreneurs or a student is much more than that.

Motivational speakers tend to have distinct personalities. They are artistic, creative, sensitive, expressive, and articulate. An inspiring coach or trainer comes with diverse expertise and knowledge. There are three key different areas:

a). Personal Development- Whenever someone says ‘Motivational Speaker’, this is the first thought that strikes everyone.  A personal development trainer or coach helps to inspire people and find a deeper meaning in life. They throw lights on undiscovered aspects of an individual`s life and give talks on overcoming challenges in personal as well as professional lives.

b). Business Coach- These types of coaches are generally hired by corporates to guide business teams at various levels. From top-level executives to low-level employees, a business mentor, usually share their experience of the corporate world and their journeys of success and failure. These types of coaches help to harness enthusiasm, encouragement, determination, hope and help teams to develop a common purpose to improve their work.

c). Youth Mentor- Not only adults but students and kids these days feel the brunt of unhealthy competition from their peers. The goal of a motivational speaker for students is to give kids a sense of direction in their growing years. These mentors instill a sense of confidence in students to lead a healthy life and find their true calling to select a career path.

These inspiring mentors around the world are renowned for their passion and dedication to their craft. They excel in it after years of experience that they gain from their journey. And, that gives them the ability to inspire audiences.

But how do they do it? Through their personal stories and engaging presenting style that help the audience to connect with them.

So what makes these inspirational coaches so popular and inspiring in India? Let`s find out!

  1. Personal Experiences

A motivational coach for students or entrepreneurs these speakers are defined by their personal stories, unlike the keynote speakers who are known for their industry knowledge. They are required to be both- a subject matter expert as well as and an inspiring leader who uplifts the audience and shakes them out of their gray areas.

Though there is no dearth of good speakers and coaches in our country, the best motivational speaker in India like Dr. Vivek Bindra can inspire anyone to live life to its fullest. During his seminars and conferences, he frequently shares his personal experiences and journey which is filled with determination, drive, and self-belief.

As a motivational coach, he inspires his audiences to come out of their comfort zones and follow their dreams of entrepreneurship. His stories and presenting style take guests on an incredible journey of hardship to success. He makes his guests realize that they are capable to achieve anything if they truly want to. His ideology is to leave his guests with one phrase, “I can. I will. Bounce Back”.

  1. A World of Whole New Perspective

Everyone has their own opinion and perspective about life, work, relationships, challenges, and solutions. However, sometimes our mindset becomes a roadblock in our success and goals.

When business owner`s employees are stuck in their work, it is common for them to reach out to the best motivational speakers in India. Life`s monotonous routine can get to people, and an inspiring coach can bring about their unique perception towards a life with their thoughts, a more positive approach, and a solution-driven mindset.

They can inspire you and make you believe in your dream. They can give you a healthy and positive outlook towards life and help you assist in appreciating your own.

However, it is important to choose your speaker carefully. If you have a bunch of students who are feeling discouraged due to peer pressure and other external factors, you must choose the best motivational speaker in India for students.

  1. Sky-High Self-Confidence

An inspiring coach may be a great storyteller, but if their presenting style is not as interesting and engaging, they will fail to make an impact on their audience. Confidence and self-confidence are two traits that are present in every motivational speaker. This not only makes up the foundation of their presenting style but also gives them the confidence to incorporate humor and wit into their speeches. This ensures that the audience gets inspired and entertained at the same time.

Dedication is a key trait of these mentors. Their passion for influencing others to achieve their dreams in the real world is very commendable. Motivational speakers like Dr. Vivek Bindra do not present for monetary games or fame. He attends events and seminars with one aim in his mind- to inspire people!

If you want to infuse a breath of powerful energy in your students or employees, Dr. Vivek Bindra is one of the best motivational speakers in India. He not only provides training but also offers specialized Problem-Solving Courses for those who are stuck with challenges in their business.