Summary: What you do in an interview and how you present yourself can make a huge difference in bridging the gap between you and your dream job.

Does the thought of appearing for an interview in your dream company give you nightmares? Preparing for an interview, no matter how good the job market may seem—is still the most daunting task ever. No matter how many interviews you may have appeared for, preparing for an interview still means doing your homework, putting it into practice, and knowing how to answer—and ask—the right questions.

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Whether you are switching careers, returning to work, looking for a new challenge, or seeking better culture, pay, and perks, here are the best steps you can take to prepare for and nail your interviews:

1. Research About the Company

The first step in any interview involves the candidate researching the company. What the organization is all about, how it runs, and what its core values and vision– are a few factors that you must learn about before you appear for the job interview.

Doing research will also help you show your interest in that employer as well as will give you clarity on whether it is the kind of place you would like to work in the long run. Ask yourself what matters to you. It may be inclusivity, flexible hours, a remote environment, a diverse workplace—or simply a place that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

You can also call or arrange a call or two with other employees to learn more about the company and its culture.

2. Practice Leads to Perfection

To feel more confident, you can do mock interviews. You can either hire a business mentor or a professional coach to help you with preparing for the interview. Speaking your answers out loud as opposed to writing them can help you develop your muscle memory. However, avoid learning your answers word-by-word where you sound like a rehearsed parrot.

3. Get Comfortable Talking About Yourself

Cracking interviews is a nerve-wracking experience. For many talking about themselves is a unique challenge. It can be awkward and uncomfortable, but in order to get your dream job, you must feel comfortable selling yourself.

Clearly communicate the value you bring to the team, and use examples to make your point. In interviews, be specific. Show, don’t just tell. Share stories that demonstrate your successes. And when talking about a project you completed, explain the impact it had. Talking about the processes and its outcome will increase your credibility and the chances of getting hired too!

It’s really important to find a way that feels genuine to talk about yourself that really showcases the energy and the motivation you have in your work.

4. Keep Your Resume Handy

Whether you are appearing for an interview on video, phone or in person, always have your resume handy. If you are appearing for a face-to-face interview, come prepared with multiple copies to share with those you are meeting. Focus on bringing what’s on the page to life with anecdotes and examples. The more you practice, the easier this will become.

5. Know What Questions to Expect

Every company and its hiring panel is different. But there are a few sections in the interview round that are almost guaranteed to be asked. The one that most often confuses candidates—and that’s also likely to be the first—might seem like the simplest: “Tell me about yourself.” Your answer should be a bit longer than an elevator pitch and go beyond what’s on your resume.

However, it is very essential to not lose track. This question is meant for highlighting your journey, what motivates you, or a special achievement that you can boast about.

For a question like “why do you want to work for this company?” your research comes into play. A question like this is meant to test your knowledge and understand your thinking process.

Cracking a job interview can be difficult, but with little practice and lots of self-belief, you can pass it with flying colors. These five tips can definitely help you to get ready for the interview and get your dream job too! To know more tips about getting selected for an interview, visit: