The Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) and the Global Alliance for Mass Entrepreneurship (GAME) have entered into an MoU to help the MSMEs overcome their challenges that were elevated during the pandemic, along with the longstanding capacity gaps in the sector.

The MoU covers vast themes that include expanding credit access, building competitive clusters, increasing formalization, and improving the legal framework for ease of doing business.

Both the organizations also committed that 25 percent of the beneficiaries from the partnership would be women entrepreneurs.

The partnership will also focus on areas that include scaling up Udyam Registration as a unique ID for an MSME to access schemes across the entire MSME universe, leveraging SIDBI`s financial schemes to further formalize enterprises, among others.

According to GAME Co-founder Mekin Maheshwari, “This long-standing experience combined with the force of GAME`s 80+diverse partner alliance should ease the access to credit and a range of new support services for MSMEs at large scale.”

"We hope the power of the Alliance can be leveraged for nation-building efforts such as formalizing MSMEs and substantially improving access to credit & non-financial services," said SIDBI Chairman and Managing Director, Sivasubramanian Raman.