• Do you want to know how to increase market share?
  • Do you want to take your business to the next level?
  • Do you want to monopolize the market?
If you are struggling to get your business on track or want to know how to increase market share to compete in the market, this article is going to help you a lot.  
It will not only help you to increase your market share but to monopolize the market as a whole.
Do not Compete, Monopolize the Market
This point will help you to know how to increase market share. 
In a competitive market, you have to struggle to increase your market share. However, in a monopolistic market, you get the 100% market share and competition becomes null and void.
Instead of Improving Your Weakness, Improve Your Strengths 
If you keep focusing on improving your weaknesses, even after endless efforts you won’t be able to reach 100% perfection. But, if you identify your unique signature strength and focus on improving that strength, you will attain 100% perfection quickly.
For example:

If you get 3/10 marks in public speaking and 7/10 marks in article writing, then public speaking is your weakness. If you try to improve your public speaking, then it will take a lot of time and effort to reach 10/10.

On the other hand, if you focus on improving your writing skills, then it will take less effort and time to reach 10/10 from 7/10, as you are already good at it.

Thus, in business, you should keep on working on your unique signature strength. This will help
you to increase your market share.
Become Unique Not Best
?’If you try to be the Best, you will become number one. 

But, if you try to remain Unique, then you will be the Only One.’

If you become the best, you will have the largest market share. But, if you become unique, 100% market share will be yours.

For example:

?If you are not good at cooking, then it will take so much time and energy to improve it a bit. You will feel difficulty in improving it as it’s not your area of interest and part of your psychophysical nature.

But, if you are good at motivational speaking and you invest the same energy and time in it, then you can improve it quickly. You can become a master and mentor in this area and will be recognized for your talent all over the world.

Outsource Your Weaknesses

If you are weak in cooking food, then instead of wasting your time and energy in improving it, just outsource it, and focus all your energy in your strength. The same goes for business, rather than investing all your resources in improving a weak area, just get it done by others and focus all your energy in improving strong areas to increase your market share and become unique enough to monopolize the whole market.Identify your Unique Signature Strength
If you will create another Facebook or WhatsApp, no one will use it. Original property registry comes for thousands of rupees, but the photocopy has no value. Don’t try to copy others, instead try to be original. 
  • Don’t Copy Success
  • Break the Rules
  • Change the Rules
  • Create new strength
  • Focus on strength
You Were Born Original, Don’t Die Like a Copy
 Since childhood, you are trained to improve the areas in which you are weak. Leave that old notion, now the rules have changed, today you can make a career in any field. You just need to identify your unique signature strength. The market has evolved in the digital world. Whatever is your strength, it can become your career.

’Stop trying to fit in; when you were born to stand out.’
Times have changed, now, you don’t need to become a doctor, lawyer, engineer or chartered accountant: you can become what you believe in.