7 Online Business Ideas That You Can Start Immediately
There are several ideas available in the market to choose from if you want to start an online business in India. We tell you a few ready to start ideas that do not require too much backend technology, investment or complete knowledge of its know-how.1. Blogging:

Writing a blog is one of the best online businesses in India today. If you love to write and want to share your experience and thoughts, blogging can turn out to be a profitable business. It mostly depends on your consistency and effectiveness to do so. Providing persuasive content to generate leads and appreciation is all you need. Blog writing can help you gather more and more followers. Now you can start earning money by selling ad space or products which can be extremely beneficial over the time. Although it takes some time to strengthen your follower base, but eventually it’s totally worth the effort.2. Become a Vlogger:

You just need to think of unique video concepts and there you are- all set on your journey to become a vlogger or a Youtuber. Record and edit videos via a camera or a smartphone on topics that interest; engaging content is what everyone is looking for. Social Media platforms like YouTube, Snapchat and TikTok help you sell your content directly just by engaging with a good number of followers.3. E-commerce Retailer:

There is demand for everything and anything. If you have a shop or a small business and want to make your business digital, you can enroll yourself as an e-commerce player expanding your business worldwide and reaping the benefits of online business in India. Of course you would have to work on your delivery mechanism, payment gateways but since you already have presence in retail the backend work should not be much of hassle for you.4. Freelancing:

One of the most underrated concept amongst all the online business in India. Freelancing can be a great option to earn money as you are providing services as per your ability and expertise and also at the convenience of your time. This of course is not a full-time job or business, but you’ll be able to make some handsome amount of money with time.  

5. Conduct Webinars or Become an Online Professor:

Over a period of time webinars as a concept has gained immense popularity in India. People with good speaking skills, knowledge about a topic along with great presentation skills can conduct webinars and turn it into a successful business model for them. For example ’ if you are a professor or a subject matter expert, you can get yourself registered with educational platforms like Bada Business, where you can create content for entrepreneurs and solve their business problems through your lecture. 6. E-Book Author:

If you have an interesting storyline which can be converted into an e-book that could attract huge audience, you can work towards getting it published on online portals such as Amazon.

7. Stock Market Trading:

There is an orthodox mindset among a group of people who confuse trading with gambling. Online trading is one of the best online businesses one can think off. You risk some capital to gain some. One can make a good return on capital by just following these two simple  rules:
  • Buy low & sell high
  • Sell high & buy low. 
There are a variety of asset classes available in India to trade, like Equities, Forex and Commodity. All you need is just to open a trading account with a good broker and you are all to set to start your online business.These businesses do not require too much money to be spent, just a bit of thought and strategy and you are all set to become an entrepreneur by switching or opening a new online business in India.