Lessons for Life: Business Gems by Ratan Tata
Entrepreneurs today are not just building companies, but creating a stronger India. Some of the best business tips revolve around the attitude & determination of an entrepreneur that eventually decides the altitude he can achieve. Growth in business is full of challenges and to reach the top you need to inculcate habits that make your life happy and productive. Here are 10 business tips for success mentioned by a visionary and entrepreneur par excellence- Chairman Emeritus of Tata Group, Mr. Ratan Tata.1. Giving
  • Businesses need to go beyond company profits, sales & targets. You need to give back to the communities you serve
  • Successful companies have the resources to give back to the society and do good!
  • Build a culture of giving back in the organization, in this ways the employees respect and look up to you even more
  • The gesture of giving only builds mutual respect making your community a better place to live in
2. Persistence
  • Have the ability to push and push till you reach the finish line
  • Persistence in business is one of the best business tip for an entrepreneur as you need to fight failure and bounce back, only then you can be successful
  • Persistence is all about indomitable spirit whether it is in business or in your life
  • Find new ways to do things and you will be able to find new solutions to many of your problems
3. Talent
  • Everyone cannot be the best in everything. Develop your talent and find your unique strength
  • An important business tip for success is to focus on the visible skills and hone them. As a leader you should do this on a regular basis for your employees
  • Build a culture of development- Mentor employees, have one-on-one interactions, devise programs for skill development. This gives employees the confidence to build more capabilities in them
  • Understand the value of learning- Learning is a continuous cycle and for people interested in building new skills, touching new horizons & reaching new heights, learning should never stop
4. Life
  • Embrace life, love life and enjoy every moment of it
  • Don’t stress over things what others say to you.  As Mr. Ratan Tata himself says, let them throw stones at you and you should build a monument out of it
  • You are born to do bigger and better things in life, identify your goal, your mission and put in all your energy to fulfill it. This can be one of the best business tips to lead a prosperous company and will turn you into a happier soul
5. Decision Making
  • Decision making is required at every level of your business; in fact it is required at every moment of your life as well
  • For success, one of the best business tips is to have clarity of thought. Be sure of what you want to do and then devise plans around it
  • Don’t be scared of making the wrong decision, this too is a part of your learning curve
  • Gather relevant information that can help you make a decision and then evaluate your options. This will help you reach closer to your goals
  • Evaluate the results- Evaluation and reviewing helps in judging the effectiveness of the choice made by you

6. Mindset

  • Your mindset can either break or make the goal you have set to achieve. It is your way of thinking to treat a problem as an opportunity or an obstacle
  • Develop a success-oriented mindset; following this mantra is a key business tip for success
  • Be around positive people and find time to disconnect from unnecessary stressors
  • Focus on learning new skills and put yourself in challenging situations, this will help in making you mentally strong and build confidence
7. Change
  • We all know the only thing constant is Change. So embrace it and move on with it
  • Suggest new ideas, introduce new processes and do things differently. A change for the better is the best business tip
  • Predict and prepare for the future. This will help you face challenges in the rapidly changing business environment with ease and preparedness
  • Focus on your values and not the fears. You need to understand that change is inevitable and there should be no inhibitions while adapting to it
8. Challenge
  • View any obstacles that stand in your way as a challenge, have the belief that it’s not impossible to overcome a certain business problem
  • In challenging times, the best business tip for an entrepreneur is to don the role of a leader. Show the way to your people and other stakeholders
  • Ups and downs are very important in business to keep us going. It helps us challenge our limits as well
  • Understand the problem first and then put things into perspective before jumping the gun and making a hurried decision 
9. Legacy
  • Follow a set of values, ethics or culture that your forefathers have left behind
  • Build your business on sustainability and not just on the basis of profitability. Money is important but sustainable development is the best business tip for success in the long run
  • Following or leaving a legacy requires immense investment in upholding the value system that has been created

10. Growth

  • Know what you want- If you have clarity about your goal, you will focus all your energies to achieve that and this business tip forms the stepping stone for growth in business
  • Set your eyes on the prize- Measure yourself, your team, and your organizational goals alongside your target. Once you know the how far the target is, everyone can align their energies to work towards it
  • Keep your Passion alive- Keep the excitement and enthusiasm going, it is contagious and spreads to people around you
  • Think People first- Your stakeholders are the backbone for the company. Keep your employees motivated, customers happy and other stakeholders aware of the functioning of the company. This business tip for success will play a major role in your growth strategy
So if you feel a little lost in life, these 10 business tips for success by Ratan Tata can put you back on track and motivate you to bounce back.