Summary: Times have changed and so have the market! Find out what are non-tech startup ideas you can start in 2022.

In today`s era where everything involves technology, many non-technical people with innovative ideas often think that they can`t start their own business. However, in today`s era, there are many startup business ideas. Opportunities in today`s era, have widened its horizon to the sky and beyond.

While there are thousands of business ideas, only a few of them are profitable. So if you are looking to attain financial independence by starting your venture, here are four non-tech startup ideas you can use in 2022:

1. Insurance agents

With the ongoing pandemic situation in the world the insurance have become crucial. The area of precaution nowadays is not just limited to the medicinal part but has also introduced elements of safety via insurance to all levels.

From general insurance to term insurance to life insurance, the agency shows concern for you as well as your family members. Not just individuals, but corporates too provide insurance to their employees. You can become an insurance agent and can earn money on a commission basis. Becoming an insurance agent is one of the best non-tech startup ideas.

2. Travel Agency

Do you love traveling? Do you like planning itineraries for your trips and others? If yes, then you can become a great travel agent. In today`s world, people are busy with their hectic schedules. Hence, the only thing that they look for in today`s world is a unique travel experience.

So if you love going to offbeat places, you can start your travel agency. It is a great business in which technical skills are not required. Instead, you can earn a handsome package by just doing some research and exploring beautiful places across India or the globe.

3. Wedding Planner

The big fat Indian weddings are famous all across the globe because of their glamour, vibrancy, and decadent. An enormous amount of planning, coordination, and arrangements go behind the scenes to make weddings unforgettable. However, wedding planning and coordination can become a lucrative career as well. If you love planning, you can become a wedding planner. It is the best non-tech startup idea which is a highly profitable idea for you.

4. Fashion Boutique

Do you have an impeccable fashion sense? If yes, you can open a fashion boutique. Opening a boutique is one of the most ongoing and lucrative non-tech startup business ideas. If you have a sense of style and you can sense the market preferences to the point, this profession is perfect for you.

The above-mentioned non-tech startup ideas are perfect for those who want to start their venture but lack technical skills. These business ideas do not require any technical background and can be initiated easily with minimum investment.

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