Mumbai, December 21: Christmas 2020 and New Year 2021 is just a few days down the line and the craving for cakes, and pastries are on the rise. If you are in the bakery business, this is the time, when you should focus on your marketing game.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, like all the festivals, this year, Christmas and New Year is also expected to be a muted affair. However, this won't stop people from ordering cakes online and having them at home with their loved ones.

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Here are a few effective marketing strategies which you can keep in mind to promote your bakery business.

    1. Make frequent updates on social media: With the help of platforms like Instagram and Facebook, you should frequently update your page with offers, promotional incentives or the menu which you will have for Christmas or ahead of New Year 2021.
    2. Upload good photos: Click good photos of the bakery items. They should be enticing enough for the people to order. Share special stories about the item which you are baking. Add a special note, reading which people may feel connected. Play on their emotion and ride on nostalgia by weaving exciting stories
    3. Share positive reviews of your clients: Share positive reviews by your clients. This will give faith to other customers who have been thinking or hesitating to order from your site.
    4. Make yourself reachable: If you have a shop, then make sure that the location and the how-to reach options are updated on social media pages or on Google. Reply immediately to customers having queries on social media. Update your number and be reachable.
    5. Run promotional offers: Make the customers feel special and loved. You can always run some promotional offers, without hurting your profit. For e.g. 'Order 1 Kg cake and get 2 cake cakes free this Christmas'.

      We hope these marketing tips come in handy for your business ahead of Christmas 2020 and New Year.