Leaving a 9-to-5 job and starting a small online business may seem like a giant task, especially when the capital is limited. Daily tasks like logistics, managing inventory, marketing, etc., often send chills down the spine of beginners.

Building a successful business is an arduous journey. However, if you have the right plan and the right business strategies, your business can reap benefits for its founders, stakeholders, and several others who depend on it for their livelihood. Today, with a great business idea and the Best Motivational Speaker in India, you can start a small online business with a minimum investment.

Here are five small online business ideas that can be started even in small villages and rural areas.

1. Retail Business

Rural areas generally have more people as compared to urban areas. Hence, consumption and the demand for essential goods are always high. But the supply is relatively low. Opening a small department store or a Kirana store in these areas can be a good, small investment for people who want to start their own business.

2. Artificial Jewelry

If there is one thing after food that never goes out of fashion and demand, it is beautiful pieces of jewelry. The best example of it is that even during the COVID-19 pandemic when many businesses were shut down, the demand for artificial jewelry pieces remained.

There are portals like Trade India where people can create an online shop to contact good manufacturers for procuring and selling jewelry. First customers of the business can be your friends and family members, who can endorse your products in their circle. To grow your online business, you can consult with a motivational coach for entrepreneurs.

3. Home Bakery

If you have a thing for bakeries, you can also start your own bakery business. This business does not require a large investment. You only need a minimum investment to procure an oven and buy ingredients for baking. When starting on a small scale, there is no need to do branding. However, it is essential to focus on quality and deliver a product that customers will relish. This business can be started with an investment of between INR 15,000 and INR 25,000.

4. Homemade Candles

In the last few years, many people have become inclined toward aromatherapy and scented candles. Candles are a wonderful way to enhance the interiors of homes and for gifting purposes. You can start this business online with a minimal investment, either by manufacturing it at home or procuring it from a third party.

You will need wax, wick, molds, thread, aromatic oils, and more to start your business. Apart from this, you will also need to have some candle-making equipment, which includes a melting pot, a pour pot, a thermometer, a weighing scale, a hammer, and an oven to melt the wax. Once your business starts growing, you can also take assistance from Motivational Coach for Entrepreneurs.

5. Flour Mill

Setting up flour mills in rural areas is a good idea. The demand for good quality flour will always be on the rise, especially with most Indians being round-the-year consumers. Opening a flour mill in a village or a rural area is a good small business idea as the equipment is very useful in every harvest season.

If you have a great small business idea, you can begin to work upon it because it requires a minimum investment. To ensure that your business runs smoothly, you can also consult with the best business coach in India.

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