One of the most important and reliable source of income of millions of people in India is agriculture. Various families have been involved in agriculture and related activities from generations. The business of agriculture and farming has evolved from being a source of subsistence to one of the biggest commercial activities in the country. Apart from providing employment and income to people who are directly involved in it, agriculture also ensure employment generation through various allied activities such as transportation, warehousing, construction among others. Home Business Ideas: 4 Brilliant Work From Home Ideas That You Should Consider Taking Up.

Today agriculture is not merely restricted to harvesting and sowing of crops, rather the sector has diversified and incorporated various other activities. Here are five profitable business ideas related to the field of agriculture –

Ornamental Flower Business

One of the most profitable and low cost businesses in agricultural sector is of growing and selling ornamental flowers. They are used as decorations in almost every celebration and have a strong demand all over the year. From birth anniversaries, marriages to get-togethers, flowers are used as decorations in personal and professional celebrations. Apart from celebrations, ornamental flowers are used for gifting purposes as well. Start-up this business would cost merely Rs 30,000 to Rs 40,000.

Nursery Business

Another business stemming out from agriculture is starting a nursery and selling plants. As more and more people are growing eco-friendly and environment conscious, they are buying plants and sapling for their homes and offices, thereby providing a good business to the nurseries. A fair knowledge about the various species of plants and their growth requirements is, however needed to start and sustain the nursery business. COVID-19 Impact: 5 Tips to Help Your Businesses Recover from Coronavirus Pandemic.

Organic Fertilisers

As people are becoming more environmentally conscious they are moving away from chemical and synthetic fertilisers towards organic and natural ones. Starting an organic fertiliser business is also very profitable and simultaneously contributes towards the conservation of the precious natural resources. Farmers are increasingly taking up organic farming, government is also encouraging traditional and eco-friendly methods of agriculture therefore producing and selling organic fertilisers is a sure shoot success venture.

Organic Vegetables/Fruit Supplier

An offshoot of organic farming, organic vegetables and fruits are in huge demand all over the country. People are drifting away from processed and packaged foods and looking forward to consuming more natural and organic vegetables and fruits. The demand for organic food products have surged over the last few months. Various restaurants and hotels also look out to but fresh and organic vegetables.

Online Grocery Store

Though not directly related to agricultural practices, but a grocery store does use the finished products from framing as its goods. People now prefer to buy anything online and avoid going out. Opening a local grocery e-store and providing fresh vegetables and fruits to people will prove to be a profitable venture. All one has to do is make an app, contact some local vegetable, fruits vendors and establish a delivery network.

Agriculture and allied activities still employ more than half of the population in the country. Starting a venture in this sector is mostly budget friendly and ensure profits to the entrepreneur. These are all season business and ensure steady and regular stream of business.