A lot of entrepreneurs face plenty of challenges when setting up a new business venture. However, there is one factor that is common amongst everyone- to get the right resources and funds essential to kick-start your startup.

While there are plenty of challenges that entrepreneurs face on their journey of setting up their startup, raising funds could be the major challenge. This single challenge could decide the fate of your business venture.

If you too are encountering the same challenges, here are five ways in which you can raise funds for your new venture:


This is one of the fast-track methods that can help you to raise funds for your start-up business. An angel investor can take an equity share in your startup in exchange for the money they are putting in. However, they can be exchanged for convertible debt.  Though, one requires to have extreme knowledge of every aspect of the business.


Partnerships are essential for organizational health. Coupling with a ‘strategic partner’ is always a good idea. A trustworthy partner can help you reduce liabilities, and can bring a fresh perspective into the business.


We all must have heard this term multiple times, but very few of us understand the concept of bootstrapping when it comes to fundraising. Bootstrapping is when you build the company up from the scratch with your own money. It is one of the best ways to raise money for your business if you do not want any investors in your startup project.


Entrepreneurs that are looking for investors can also take financial aid from Venture Capitalists (VC). VC firms invest in the early stages of a startup company in exchange for an equity share. These organizations raise money from distinct sources and mediums and invest this collective capital into the business. This funding along with business opportunities and additional resources can help startups to grow.


Crowdfunding is taking financial aid from small business financing individuals that help startups in raising investment capital. Crowdfunding allows entrepreneurs to reach out to a pool of investors, instead of seeking one big investor.


Companies like First Cry, BYJU`s, Nykaa have not only managed to do fundraising but have also joined the elite Unicorn club in 2020. You too can do fundraising for your business by joining our ‘Everything about Entrepreneurship’ course.

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