Ordering food online is the new big thing entirely due to COVID-19 and several lockdowns that have kept restaurants closed and affected business too. But the takeaway meal scenario is at an all-time high, and we believe that people's interest in ordering food is going to stay with us for long.

As per NRAI reports, over 500,000 restaurants and around 20 Lakh people employed in this sector are likely to lose business due to a pause in the restaurant business. Due to this global pandemic, people are holding on their distance from the restaurants and are now drawn towards cloud kitchen ordering facilities that cater to online delivery.

Here are the factors which make Cloud Kitchens a silver lining in the dark skies of a pandemic-

Delivery is faster

As per reports, restaurants are facing all-time lows and sales are down by 90%. Therefore, the takeaway option has become a vital source of income for the business.

Research has been conducted by the Red Seer company, according to which, the number of orders increased by 60%. Therefore, the Cloud kitchen comes as a rescue as it works best in such a scenario.

Reduction of Operational Cost

While running a restaurant, operational cost is one of the toughest factors in terms of managing a business, and in the current scenario, it’s tougher to achieve.

Cloud kitchen came to be known as a great aid in minimizing the cost of operation in terms of rent and staff. This leads to a higher number of opportunities, low investments, and chances to experiment and scale.

Cloud kitchens don’t just help in maintaining social distancing, but also turn the operational cost in half.

Technology And Food Are Becoming Friends

The advanced technology and love for food are leading to the high growth of the Indian food tech industry. Digital menus, QR code scanners, and app orders have given a new definition to the dining culture.

This not only guarantees social distancing but also assures end to end contactless dining experience in the current situation.

Chance to Bounce Back

Due to this pandemic, many small restaurants and cafes are getting closed. With the help of Cloud Kitchen, they can re-open themselves and receive a steady income.

It also allows these restaurant owners to cater to an increased delivery demand and experiment with the menu levelling up in the acting field.

New Home Dining Experience

Thanks to the huge pandemic, which has transformed people's approach towards dining out, normal dining out now looks like this – Pre-reservation of tables, sanitizer bottle on the mesa, and servers wearing PPE kits. However, still many are trying to stay away from going out for dining.

A bunch of restaurants has come up with the idea of sending the chefs to homes with the necessary ingredients for experiencing home dining or from 5-star hotels, sending full course meals delivered at homes with the help of a cloud kitchen.

Saying bye-bye to dining out is hard, but in the current scenario, your safety should be your priority. The customer has shifted from dining out to dine-in, which is making people choose a safer alternative like a cloud kitchen. So, if you are a restaurant owner or planning to open one, Cloud Kitchen will help you in stabilizing your business.