Mumbai, October 27: The coronavirus pandemic affected everyone, from businesses being shut to people being fired. Now with the economy opening up, and several curbs being lifted, restaurants along with other eateries have started their operations, but at a slow pace.

With the coronavirus rapidly spreading across the world and cases still on the rise, restaurants may need to hold on a little more before resuming operations like before.

Here are a few tips which restaurants can follow to see success in their business: 

Maintain Hygiene: The first and foremost thing is to maintain hygiene. Customers always like to take their meals or have a good dinner at a place which is clean and gives attention to hygiene. This has become extremely important amid the coronavirus pandemic, where people are extremely sceptical of trusting anyone who scores low on this point.

Customer is king: Like any business, restaurants also thrive on customers. It is therefore very important to keep them at the centre of your planning and strategy. Be polite, hospitable and make them feel special. Invest your time and effort on your guests. Give them special offers on their birthdays, anniversary and other days.

Be online: If your business is not yet online, it is time, you should rethink and make a strategy on how to go online. With the increase in online food delivery apps and the rise among people ordering food from their home, you will lose out on a major chunk of the customers if your presence is not on the online platforms.

Be Active on digital: As a restaurant, it is very important to be active on the digital platform. You need to always keep updating your customer base about exciting offers and lure them with attractive food pictures.