Many people dream to start their own business, convert their passion into profession and become successful entrepreneurs. However, there are certain factors that are needed to be evaluated and considered before launching one's own business. The first and foremost decision in this regard is in which industry should the business be started, which largely depends upon the interest and knowledge of the entrepreneur. Next decision to take is regarding the nature of the business - should the business be started in a retail set-up or a wholesale one. This depends on certain factors including location, finance, logistics, manpower, market conditions among others. 5 Financial Tips for Entrepreneurs Launching a Start-up.

For those who intend to start a business in the retail sector can choose among a range of alternatives available to them depending upon their finances, interest and market conditions. Here are some ideas for starting a retail business:

Stationary Store:

One of the most sought after product line is the stationary. It is an all season business. The demand for stationary items is not restricted only to the school and college students, but it has a vast market. Every organisation needs regular supplies of files, papers, pens, folders among others for both administration and operational work. Even though more and more firms are going digital, stationary still remains in high demand ensuring huge profits for the owner.

Confectionery Store:

Another profitable and ever green retail business idea is to start a confectionery store. With an year round demand, such stores is surely one of the safest business to undertake. Moreover, the list of products available in a confectionery store can also include a range of products, thereby attracting a larger customer base and more revenue. Part-Time Business Ideas for Students: Here are 5 Low Investment Businesses That Youngsters Can Take Up.

Gift Store:

Gift stores never go out of business. Be it birthday, anniversaries or any other celebrations, people look for unique and valuable gifting options to give their loved ones. Even during market slowdown, such products remain in demand. Especially during the festivities, the demand for gifts increase thereby increasing the revenue and sales of the stores.


Another business to start as a retail set-up is that of a florist. These days ornamental and unique flowers are highly in demand of decoration purposes. Various event planning and executing companies require flowers on a regular basis and order them in bulk. Every season has its own unique flowers, hence the business never runs out of products to offer.