Thanks to vaccination that is taking place worldwide, the global pandemic might soon be winding down. Small businesses that were hampered due to the imposed lockdowns are preparing themselves to go back to their ‘normal’ pre-pandemic operations.

But, what if you have been sitting on your hands throughout the pandemic and have decided to start working on a startup business ideas now?

Well, restrictions are being lifted, companies are making major transitions in their operations and consumers are re-discovering the world again.

In such a thriving and growing scenario, it might as plain genius to ask “what are the top seven opportunities available right now to scale and grow your startup business?” “What are the best growth strategies that a business motivational speaker would have given you if you have hired one?

Here is a list of the top Seven Post Pandemic Growth Strategies:

1. Curate a Pandemic-proof Offer 

  • Focus on personal branding as well as establishing your brand online with authority and status.
  • Make full use of Content Marketing for a strong digital brand presence.
  • Share a story that is associated with your brand and articulates your product experience with testimonials as social proof.
  • Virtualize, digitalize and dematerialize.
  • Use social media channels to reach out to your niche audience.

2. Get Deep, Expensive & Narrow

  • Networking is crucial for business! Build deep and meaningful relationships with potential investors, clients, and customers.
  • Widen your reach of audience and break the geographical constraints.
  • Find out creative ways to burn customer`s problems.

3. Use Podcasts & Create Content Rapidly

  • Start your podcasts to create a brand value.
  • If you don`t want to start on your own, get on podcasts where your ideal clients will certainly hear you.
  • Why Podcasts? These are the fastest and easiest way to get SEO.

4. Strengthen your SEO Game

  • If your business is not ranking on Google immediately, you are doing a huge disfavor to your business.
  • Start working on your SEO game with disciplined and quality content creation.
  • Use content marketing to generate qualified leads and credibility.
  • To earn credibility as an entrepreneur in the market, you can either interview or get interviewed by experts related to your industry on podcasts, social media platforms, or blogs.

5. Email Marketing is Still Alive & Flourishing

  • If you are an entrepreneur who is looking to make some strong connections, Email Marketing can be your best bet.
  • Not only for connection building, but it can also lead to sales generation.
  • Facebook, Google, Instagram, and other major platforms can delist or remove you at any given time. But through email marketing, you can drive traffic back to your website and build a list.
  • Invest in a cold email.

6. Embrace Virtual Reality

  • Since the pandemic struck, our real world has been merged with the virtual one. So why not accept the fact and think about growing business around it?
  • If you are a business coach, you can deliver business motivation events through a webinar.
  • Think about the constructive usage of VR and combine it with your business interests. 

7. Create a ‘WOW’ Customer Experience

  • As the world is slowly reclaiming its normalcy, give your customers an unforgettable customer experience.
  • Retain the old customers, while reaching out to the potential ones.
  • Blend emotions into your marketing strategies to give your customers a sense of belongingness.
  • Don`t just sell, create an experience.

The key to achieving success despite the challenging times requires incredible storytelling, sending out a clear message to a higher-end audience, and how amazing your customer feels post purchasing your product or service.

Don`t focus on the transaction, it’s the transformation that sells.

Use the above growth strategies to expand and grow your business in the post-pandemic world and let us know how did they work?

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