Bengaluru, August 31: Bengaluru based startup 'WakeFit' is back with its popular sleep internship, where they paid Rs 1 lakh for 9 hours of sleep for 100 days.

According to reports, the company has started the application process for 2021 and has asked for volunteers for their one of a kind internship.

The process to become an intern for this coveted role is not that easy. The applicants will have to prove to their bosses that sleeping is their topmost priority and that is what they love to do the most.

Last year, around 1.7 lakh participants had signed up, out of which only 23 interns were able to make it. The objective behind this internship is because the company plans to change the mindset towards ‘sleep’ and how it can be productive as well as healthy.

While the interns do the needful on the special mattresses provided by them, they will track the sleep patterns of each and every one of them for 100 days. During the internship period, the interns are also given guidance by sleep experts, nutritionists, fitness experts and interior designers to improve the quality of sleep in various aspects of their lifestyle.